The VAR neutralizes Aburjania

The local team was seen with the three points after a goal from the Georgian at the end of the break, but in the addition the video referee indicated a maximum penalty that Yuri materialized.


Video arbitration appeared when no one expected it. In the addition, the VAR decreed a maximum penalty that had been overlooked by Gálvez Rascón and allowed SD Ponferradina not to leave Cartagonova, while leaving FC Cartagena without the prize of a victory that made him get out of the descent and that could be considered fair from what we have seen so far. And, despite the dominance of Bolo's team, it was Carrión's team that enjoyed the best chances. If there were few in the party, all were cabinet members.

The start of the meeting was deceiving. The visitors gave rhythm to the possession, but there were no offensive actions to be highlighted by either side. The defenses canceled out the attacks, so neither Chichizola nor Caro had work beyond some exit or aerial ball. As the clash progressed, the intensity of Bercia dropped and FC Cartagena appeared. The balance was equalized in the control, but the goalkeepers still did not participate. With the two outfits thinking of going to dressing rooms with tables, the surprise jumped. Side kick, clear the rear of SD Ponferradina and the ball fell to Aburjania. The Georgian, from the front, connected a powerful kick that ended up in the back of Caro's net after hitting the wood.Perfect scenario

With 1-0, the game was where FC Cartagena likes the most. Now it was necessary to maintain the defensive solidity and look for a fast exit to the against. He did not have them in the first period, but he would have them after the restart. Meanwhile, those of Bolo kept the line. Touch and touch but without creating danger. The highlight, Juergen's shot that had to send Chichizola to corner kick. We were in 49 'and it was the first attempt between the three clubs of SD Ponferradina.

Well planted back, the albinegros enjoyed opportunities to increase the rent. Delmás, inside the area, failed to control a ball that would have left him hand in hand with Caro. Later, Cristian, alone, sent over a header in the vicinity of the small area. The forward participated in two more. In the first, her service was cleared by a defender as Elady prepared to push her off, and in the second, her header hit the crossbar before heading out.

Victory was in your pocket. There was nothing to indicate that the three points could escape the local pocket. But the VAR appeared. Clear stomp from Azeez to Valcarce and Yuri put the tables.

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