The trick to stop Leganés

The last three rivals have found a way to slow down their momentum. With the bands and the midfielder isolated, Leganés suffers and barely manages to finish off the goal.


The initial momentum with which Asier Garitano's 2.0 era started at Leganés has lost strength. The pepineros add two consecutive duels without winning (defeat in Cartagena, draw against Castellón) and, beyond results, doubts crowd around a football that the rivals seem to have got the hang of. Sensation that expands its tentacles also to the last game that the Blue and Whites won (1-0 suffered against Tenerife) and that served as the beginning for this period of unknowns.

In these three days Leganés suffered from a repeated illness. An obvious inability to spill from the sides and also to connect with his forwards. The result: a constant possession (an average of 67% that exceeded 70% against Castellón and Tenerife), but inert in terms of chances (just three shots between clubs in the three games).

"It is not a matter of lack of aim, it is that it is difficult for us to generate a lot in the last games," Garitano admitted yesterday. The one from Bergara managed to unleash the average scorer to 2.5 goals in his first four games. But in the last three games it has dropped to 0.33 per shock, that is, only one goal in three games.

Isolating Eraso and the gangs

Why he can hide in the inner bolt that his rivals pepineros have managed to develop. Faced with opponents who masterfully develop a firm defense, it is difficult for Leganés to attack in static. It also happens that these three enemies have known how to cut the interior corridors (isolate Eraso) and also multiply the support in the bands.The result is that Leganés is finding it difficult to raise two against one on the wings to, as Garitano demands, generate superiorities that transform either into balls hanging in the area, or into diagonal passes that use Eraso as a vertex to rearm the attack.

The isolation of Eraso himself serves to show the reformulation made by the rivals of the Leganés game. If in the first three games in Butarque after the return of Garitano it was around 30 passes, in the next three (including Cartagena) it was barely around 15, half. The short circuit with the lead is also significant. Yesterday Miguel de la Fuente, the '9' starter, could barely make seven passes.

An exploited formula

“Of course we have analyzed the game that Leganés lost against Cartagena. It's totally true. Cartagena has been a very valid reference. Also the game against Tenerife, who did good things. As we have also seen things from the rest of the days ", confessed Juan Carlos Garrido, the Castellón coach, after starting the only draw that Butarque has seen this season.His confession shows that the repeated analysis of the new cucumber patterns begins to distill an effective formula to stop this Leganés who, without falling off the top of the table, has shown signs of football fatigue for the first time since Garitano returned. Reformulating the style and finding new ways to resume inertia will be one of the most important subjects for this Leganés still aspiring to everything, although each time with less time to achieve it.

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