The tree that insists on not letting the forest be seen

The expulsion of Dídac, at the request of the VAR, melted a Espanyol which only reached one point. This Sunday you can fall from the direct promotion.


The excuse. Espanyol adds another league match that does not win. And there are already 12 (six draws and six defeats). It is true that he won a point against Oviedo and given the circumstances it is good, but this team may fall from direct promotion on Sunday. He is at the mercy of Almería, who visit Girona and are currently only two points behind him. The expulsion of Dídac Vilà marked a before and after because playing the entire second half with one less is not easy, but the truth is that the parakeet team put too many oxidizing ingredients in their shaker and it came out bitter. He sesteado after the goal of Melendo and the red one to Dídac was the way to the perdition. One point was saved. And thank you.

Numbers. Walking a tightrope doesn't always work out. Not every day a Philippe Petit is made. Espanyol could, and should have, killed Oviedo at the start of the game because it was a constant listen to Femenías tell his players to "stop looking at the ball." The Blue and Whites came out properly on the pitch, but afterwards the messages ceased to have consistency. It seems this team is destined to suffer. The duel ended with only three shots on goal. Yes, it was played for more than 45 minutes with one less, but it is the same as always: there is forest beyond the trees. And this Espanyol, with a record budget, started the second half with four centrals behind them (Lluís on the right back, Cabrera on the left and David López and Calero in the center). The changes? Puado finished as a right back. Too bad that the message that Cabrera transmitted in the first half was "tension, damn it. What are we waiting for?" it won't go away. Nahuel scored a great goal, yes, but the happy ending is too resistant to this team, too.

Groundhog Day. Dídac Vilà seems not to take the burden off him. He returned to play nine games later, taking advantage of Pedrosa's sanction and far from claiming himself, he dressed as Bill Murray. It is not known if the VAR is bad fortune or not, but Espanyol continues to be fueled by his anger. It seems that José María Durán's complaints are not taking effect and Dídac Vilà was expelled. The referee Trujillo Suárez understood in the first instance that the action for being late to dispute a ball was worthy of a yellow, but the Valencian Ais Reig, from the VAR, appeared. And of course, scare or death. And he touched death, as is being usual. In slow motion, there is no action that runs out of red. So it was. The pressure and the indications of "going to the ball" from Vicente Moreno, Darder, David López and RdT went to limbo and Dídac left the game before the break.

Captain. David López will be wrong in some actions or games, but he is that essential player. And a captain who shows his face. In addition, he does not turn off the 'radio' during the entire duel and it is necessary so that there are no distractions. He was the first to go for RdT when he tried a heel that caused an opportunity from Oviedo and a failed pipe moments later to show his support and indicate that he had to be effective. It encourages and the most important thing is that it advises, it does not order. This is so necessary to show confidence and that we often overlook.

Sensations. Espanyol, despite everything, is tremendously alive. At least his hobby. At 19:47, the two coaches of the parakeet first team made their way through the smoke of the flares, the flags and the chants of a dedicated fan who came to receive their team before the duel against Oviedo. "This is, yes sir, the fans of Espanyol", was sung on more than one occasion. In short, a feeling that remains and lasts. None of the nearly 100 fans who gathered in parking 2 in Cornellà-El Prat could access the stadium, but they allowed themselves to be heard and seen. The smoke from the flares settled on the seats and they were the breath of a block that must continue to overcome obstacles.

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