The Suns narrowly save themselves in a crazy finale in Charlotte

The Arizona team shot a 16-point lead and almost got tied up in the last attack. Bridges and Graham kept the Hornets alive.


Matches in the morning session always have a vertigo factor, between the legaña and the early morning bodies. And more with the almost empty stands and the pandemic calendar, of course. Also this one that the Suns won (97-101) in Charlotte in overtime. Those from Arizona started as favorites and won, or rather saved their skin. Anyway, they are already 31-14, which is very serious. The Hornets remain at 23-22, one of the most fun and hard-working teams in the East, but one that has been beaten well by LaMelo Ball's loss, this time joined by Malik Monk, that wildcard scorer since the bench. Without either one, James Borrego's backcourt had obvious holes, and Carolina's team seemed confident to see how far Gordon Hayward would take him, which is worse than at the start of the season.

Still, the Hornets were able to win, although they should have lost (and ultimately lost) before overtime. Morning: 0/9 on 3s by Jae Crowder, 5/15 on shots and an assist (one!) For four losses by Chris Paul. On the other hand, 0/7 shooting from the field by PJ Washington and 4/15 for 15 points that appeared to be even less for Hayward. And even so ...

The Hornets trailed 97-99 with 8 seconds remaining. The Suns got involved on the throw-in after a timeout, and the ball touched by Devonte 'Graham was not tamed by Rozier and not controlled by Hayward. The Suns, bewildered, regained possession and Chris Paul sentenced from the personnel line. A shaky finish after having a 92-97 shortly before that seemed reassuring. Graham then scored his seventh triple (7/16, 30 points). Then, amid unseemly losses by Paul and Devin Booker, a very forced one missed to give the lead to a thousand-life Hornets. Before extra time, eight points from Graham himself, a pyrotechnic point guard on his good streaks, with two tremendous triples, led an 82-90 to 90-90 after more than three minutes without scoring from the Suns, who had been 67- 83 with ten minutes remaining.

Of the Hornets, with Hayward gray and Rozier (22 points) irregular, they shot Graham and the bombastic Miles Bridges, who, based on contest dunks, finished with 18 points, 12 rebounds and the resurrection of a team touched by casualties and that needs like eating a top-notch pivot. A team that plays very well, and very well trained, but that is right now (although I can win, of course) below these Suns who did not play very there but prevailed. By hierarchy, for the defense and the integral work of Mikal Bridges (13 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 6 steals). Booker, with comings and goings, finished with 35 points. And the Suns continue to add, with their sights set on ever higher heights.

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