The quality jump with Suárez

The Uruguayan was reunited with the goal in the derby and has scored 17 goals in the league, a figure that had not been seen at Atlético since Griezmann in the 2017-18 season.


Luis Suárez has been a blessing for Atlético. And not only because of his goals, where with the goal achieved in the derby he already has 17 in the league, a figure that only Messi surpasses (19) in the fight for Pichichi. The Uruguayan had a fantastic game against Real Madrid, always playing what the team required and once again showing that he is a footballer for big games.

In the first minutes he directed the pressure above Atlético, indicating to the teammates who to close to and even preventing Courtois from getting the ball easily from behind. The first he had was for the inside, pulling off the mark at the right moment for Llorente's great delivery and defining with the outside with mastery against the Belgian goal. His ability to look up, see the goalkeeper and fit the ball in the right corner shows what a great striker he is. But also, as the minutes went by, when the game got rough, he always brought out positive things for his team.

Game from behind, winning balls outnumbered, looking for the best placed teammate and causing fouls to stretch and give oxygen to their teammates. He left a gold assist to Carrasco who could not score in the heads up with Courtois and was about to get his double, but he also ran into the white goalkeeper. A sensational match that did not serve to win for Benzema's final draw, but that showed that Suárez still exists for a while. The Uruguayan left Barcelona through the back door, but at 34 he is in a good physical moment (although far from the speed of years ago) and has endowed the team with experience, positioning, understanding of the game and that forcefulness that he suffered so much.

With his goal for Real Madrid, Luis Suárez has scored 17 goals in 22 league games (one more than last season with Barça), where all of them have served to score points. Beyond his debut with a double against Granada in a match already decided (6-1) or the finishing touch with the third goal against Cádiz (4-0) in the Wanda Metropolitano, Suárez's goals have been decisive on the scoreboard. He opened the game against Celta (0-2), sentenced Betis (2-0), made a double to defeat a combative Elche (3-1), the only goal of the game against Getafe (1-0), the goal of victory in the 90th minute against Alavés (1-2), a golden double to overcome Eibar (1-2), a goal to put Atlético ahead against Valencia (3-1), a double against Cádiz (2-4) and the two goals of the match against Celta (2-2) .

A finisher like the team hadn't had in years. When we are only on matchday 26 (Atlético recover today against Athletic on matchday 18), Suárez has numbers that were not seen at the club since the 2017-18 season, when Griezmann scored 19 goals in the league. The following season the Frenchman would once again be the team's top scorer in the championship, but with 15 goals. And the 2019-20 season was Morata with 12. To be eligible for LaLiga, Atlético needs a championship finisher, and Suárez has fallen from the sky. If in the 2013-14 season it was Diego Costa who saw the huge goal (27 league goals), this is the Uruguayan who is leading the team's scoring weight. A player who, beyond goals, has given the team a competitive advantage and who, after overcoming a small bump in front of the door, does not intend to give up in the fight for the title and to show that those who gave him up were wrong notably.

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