The Nuggets aim high

Aaron Gordon's debut shows what the Nuggets can be from now on. Choral match to sweep the Hawks. Well Campazzo in 28 minutes.


The Denver Nuggets cannot be said to be a new force in the West. They come from playing in the conference finals last year, have one of the MVP contenders and have finished in the top three on their side of the league the last two seasons. However, the arrival of Aaron Gordon makes them an even greater threat, a point to take into account in the fight for the ring from now on. Perhaps as much a favorite as the most in the West.

Gordon debuted last night and these renewed Nuggets showed what they are capable of passing over a good team, some Hawks that had won nine of their last eleven games. But Gordon, one of those players who are far better than the general public thinks, one of those names that people do not pay much attention to in the NBA ranks, completely changes the landscape in the Rockies. And he has seen the first opportunity he has had to prove it. Leaving the starting power forward ahead of Paul Millsap, who now acts as a substitute along with the also new addition of JaVale McGee (watch out for that inside game), the former Orlando broke the match in the second quarter, when his team passed from being tied to going into halftime winning by 10. It was then when he scored 7 of the 11 points he achieved in the first half. In total, 13 for him with a 6/9 in shots, crushing the rival zone with insistence.His arrival opens up a world of possibilities for Nikola Jokic, who already ate it and cooked it for himself. Now, with Gordon's inner strength, the Serbian is going to have fewer eyes on him and more freedom to create (and another great ally to give away basket options). Without forcing the machine, he stayed on the edge of the triple-double: 16 + 10 + 8. In the end all the headlines scored with more than 10 goals in a choral performance that if they manage to replicate it regularly, it will undoubtedly make them one of the ogres in the competition. With some Hawks off the rails in the second half, totally beaten back and forward, Mike Malone did not need to force anyone and only WIll Barton and Jamal Murray surpassed 30 minutes of play.

Facundo Campazzo, the substitute who was on the track the most (and it is no longer news), finished with 6 points and 5 assists. That the Argentine, after a difficult start to the season, has taken over a fixed and important position in the Nuggets' rotation is a fact. Having less the ball in hand than in his time at Real Madrid (and in his entire career in general), we are seeing a new facet of the point guard, in which he gives more prominence to his teammates releasing the ball earlier, without elaborating both the plays and without just throwing two. And although it has been difficult for him to change the chip, now that he has done so he is performing in this role very effectively. And behind, one of his strengths that he could not show off in the first weeks in the United States, is getting closer and closer to being a key player in that aspect of the game. Good news for the Facu and good news for the Nuggets in general, who look like a bright immediate future awaits.

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