The loss of Zion wakes up the Pelicans, where Willy does not play

The Pelicans fall. They booked Zion Williamson at the All-Star gates and Hayes overtakes Hernangómez. Butler was on the Heat.

In the days of rest that are being given to some stars, being LeBron James, Luka Doncic and Stephen Curry some examples, Zion Williamson also fell. Stan van Gundy left out of the last Pelicans game before the All-Star to his participant in the appointment, which will not be lost and in which he will debut. This forced average loss left without the usual reference to the team, which was found wanting in the important moments of its game against the Heat, current runners-up in the competition.

Sin Williamson, who is acting as a banner in the painting almost more than Steven Adams, remained to be seen how the coach's fit would be. And, in a Spanish key, negative. Because of the trend, more than anything. The previous match saw a good Jaxson Hayes, the player that Willy Hernangómez had previously passed in the rotation thanks to his good performances. With Adams in 25 minutes, Hayes played 21. There was no room for more. The local coach assigned nine players to this match and none of them was the pivot of Las Rozas. The rest for the appointment of the All-Star Match will mark the evolution, although it is not to celebrate if we consider that Willy disappears again from the predetermined lineup and that the team, no matter how much its star shines, still does not take the right path to reach the top positions in the Western Conference.

On the Heat side, there was Butler, who was returning. Adebayo, it was due to some discomfort in the left knee. Jimmy was the best player of the match, which was resolved thanks to a pull from the visitors with five minutes remaining for the last honk. There are seven victories in eight games for Miami, which does set the course after numerous problems and is already with a balanced qualifying balance.

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