The Leganés bench, with a very Castellón past

Garitano led Castellón at the end of 2009-2010. There he coincided in Castalia with Pedro Hernández, now his second and then black and white defender.


Leganés and Castellón will play next Saturday in Butarque (18:15) a game that for the local bench will be something like a bath of nostalgia tangled in a skein of crossed paths. Because Asier Garitano and his second, Pedro Hernández, share their past in different roles and with an identical outcome: Leganés.

Between one and the other, having passed the cotton test, Pedro is the one with the greatest black and white pedigree. Even if only for seasons and parties. The now assistant coach of Garitano was for five seasons a member of the Castellón squad that, before the current one, played in Second. He chained a total of 130 games that made him a regular of that time and even one of the team's captains.

In fact, he only played six substitute duels. A repeated presence in the line-ups that were broken with the relegation to the Second Division, in the 2009-2010 season. At the end of the course, Pedro did not continue at Castellón, but he did drop a category step to go to Leganés, in which he played two more seasons before facing his last two career courses at Toledo.

Precisely in 2009-2010 Pedro coincided with Asier Garitano, although Bergara's was in those days the role of assistant coach. First he did it as an assistant to David Amaral and then to Tintín Márquez, who was dismissed with eleven days to go. Then the entity Castalia decided that Garitano would take the reins as first coach and even with a view to being the coach who led the team in Second B, as Enrique Ballester recalls in El Periódico Mediterráneo.

It happened, however, that at the end of the course, Garitano was not given continuity. The now Leganés coach spent two years unemployed (he directed the AFE selection) before going to Alcoyano and then ending up at Leganés. Two courses after his arrival in Butarque and already in Segunda again (2015), he met Pedro Hernández again. He incorporated him as first scout and, now, as second coach after the fleeting passage of the former defender by Zidane's scouting team at Real Madrid.

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