The leader threatens the fort

Mallorca, the only undefeated away team, put Sporting's strength to the test at El Molinón where they have yet to lose a game this season.


The Molinón-Quini hosts today a peculiar and interesting duel: they face the only team that has not lost a single home game with the only one that has not lost as a visitor. Sporting has turned their stadium into a real fortress but this time it is none other than the leader Mallorca who is putting the Atletico's strength to the test in their field (follow the game live on

As if that were not enough, the match faces the league's top scorer, Uros Djurdjevic, with the least beaten goalkeeper in the category, Manolo Reina. Djuka, by the way, returns to David Gallego's team after serving a penalty game.

Thus, it is not strange that Luis García Plaza said this week that the bets pointed "to the X for a matter of statistics." In Palma there was already a 0-0 draw, in the match of the first round, but now the leader intends to hit the table even though he knows that the rival will not make it easy for him.

The three points are fundamental for both teams; for the visitors, in their race to achieve direct promotion and for the locals, in their aspirations to play the 'playoff'. A victory would allow Sporting to even begin to think about reaching at least second place in the standings.

Sporting only presents this week the loss of Guille Rosas. The aforementioned Djurdjevic, now Montenegrin after the change of nationality, and the Serbian Nicola Cumic, recovered from the sprain that separated him from the team in the last two games, are back on the call.

At Mallorca Oliván returns to the left side, after two games absent due to injury, while the rest could be the same as a week ago and two as well. Forced rotations to the margin, Luis García has found an eleven type that adds up to 18 of the last 21 points played.Game data The keys

Right: sure back, Sporting will try to break the vermilion defensive framework with speed and with the finishing touch of Djuka.

Defensive level: The defensive level away from the island is one of the arguments of a team that has only conceded 4 goals while playing away.

Duel of streaks: Sporting have been six consecutive games without losing defeat (12 of 18 points), while Mallorca has added 18 of 21 points.

Aces to follow

Djurdjevic: The league's top scorer returns ready to measure his scoring ability against Reina, the least beaten goalkeeper in the competition.

Amath: With 8 goals, the Senegalese is the team's top scorer and the Vermilion's main attacking threat.

Ups and downs

Sporting cannot count on Guille Rosas, injured. Djuka and Cumic are back.

Oliván returns to Mallorca, while Galarreta and Sedlar are his absences.

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