The Lakers seek revenge and crush the Warriors

The Los Angeles team did not allow the same thing that happened on January 18 to happen to them again. The Lakers remain Curry's beast noir in the West.


On January 18, the Los Angeles Lakers comfortably beat the Golden State Warriors by 14 points in the last quarter of the first game of the season between them. The victory, surprisingly, fell to the side of San Francisco (113-115) with an incredible comeback. Judging by the game and tonight's statements, the Lakers have taken it personally: "They had the mentality of ensuring victory against a team that stole it from us last time," Frank Vogel said of his players. "We wanted to mark ground from the beginning and keep our foot on his neck for the rest of the game," commented Markieff Morris perhaps too explicitly. But even if it's not the fanciest way to put it, that's more or less what happened.

The Lakers took to the track like a hurricane that swept away everything that was dressed in blue. They started 20-5 in less than 5 minutes, with four triples in their first six baskets. At the end of the first quarter, 41-21 with 16 points from the personnel line. "We fouled like crazy," Steve Kerr would later say, explaining that this was one of those games where it was better not to seek an explanation. The locals finished with a 6/9 in triples the first 12 minutes and, although they did not maintain the success during the rest of the game (5/22), they did not care. The Warriors were also not hitting one from long range (23.5%, their fourth-worst percentage of the season) while they did other things better than ever. Rebounds (60) and steals (14) are course records for those in purple and gold.

On the opposite side, 3 offensive rebounds to match his worst record of the year in this regard. Aside from how poorly they played, they certainly noted the absence of Draymond Green, who had to leave the game with a sprained ankle that, according to Kerr, the player himself said did not look serious. Who again suffered the unspeakable against the Lakers was Stephen Curry, who stayed at 5/13 in shots from the field (2/7 in triples) and did not take a free throw for a total of 16 points. Curry is especially bad at this team, which is the one that historically averages the fewest points in the entire Western Conference and the third in the entire league (it only puts the Bucks and Pacers less). His average is 20.6, a figure that for the base is quite modest. In his 12 seasons in the NBA, he averages less in only three: the first three, when his ankles did not give up and it was difficult to predict what he would become afterwards.

So for the Lakers there was a rematch, bath and massage. Tell LeBron James, who only played 24 minutes. "It was the best of the game," acknowledged Vogel. In his 1,300 match in the regular league (23rd player to reach this figure) LeBron was able to rest like never before. It should be remembered that before these last two victories, in the series of five losses in six games that the Lakers accumulated just after Anthony Davis's injury, the forward was the player who spent the most minutes on the court in the entire league. So welcome to these days of rest, in anticipation of the many battles that still lie ahead. Next up against the Suns, who stalk the Lakers just half a win away.

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