The Lakers, inglorious survivors

The Angelenos' second victory without LeBron or Davis after having a hard time against the Magic, the second worst team in the Eastern Conference.


The announcement of the signing of Andre Drummond comes like rain in May for the Angeles Lakers. Any extra hand that contributes is a blessing for a team that without its two leaders is surviving as best it can. Tonight he fired a bullet of those that will leave you marked for a good season. Losing against Orlando Magic, second to last in the East and a worse team after the market close, would have been difficult to explain. Even without having LeBron james and Anthony Davis available. At least, and as good news, the second is already doing exercises on the track with his teammates. Although that does not mean that his return is imminent. But there's also not much else that Lakers fans can now hold on to for joy.

NBA seasons are long and everyone goes through tough times. The one of the lakers now is being very complicated. Not having your two best players affects everyone, but the level difference the team is showing is worrisome. Any victory they take these days will be a gift at the end of the regular season, with the Nuggets and the Blazers increasingly pressing behind. Today's came after a tug of war in which the Lakers seemed to have the game in their hand in at least two sections of it. First, before the break, when a 17-3 run put them up 13 and threatened to break the match, especially considering who was ahead. But the Magic were caught by Dwayne Bacon, with 7 of his 26 points in the final minutes of the second quarter to go just 5 down.

The Lakers put the game back on their side already in the final quarter, in which, coming from behind, they got a 7-point lead with less than 3 minutes remaining. But for some reason that is difficult to explain (or as easy as these star-orphaned Lakers are unreliable) the Florida franchise reached final possession with the option of sending the game into overtime. Otto Porter Jr. had a fairly liberated triple (one of the rookies in Orlando with RJ Hampton and Wendell Carter Jr.), but he didn't hit it. Before, Dennis Schroder (24 + 5 + 6) and Kyle Kuzma (21 + 11 + 4) had combined to score 10 of the 12 goals in a set that was decisive by the hair. This is what is playing now in Los Angeles, waiting for better times to come.

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