The 'old guard taronja' is not enough against a star Dorsey

Dubljevic, Labeyrie and Van Rossom's match was overshadowed by a lousy final quarter on the rebound and misguided decisions by Ponsarnau.


Valencia moves away from the Top-8. Ponsarnau's men fell at the Menora Mivtachim Arena in a match in which the old guard threw pride, heart and quality, but a disastrous last quarter on the rebound and Ponsarnau's ill-advised decisions eliminated any chance of victory. Dubljevic (9 + 8), Labeyrie (18) and Van Rossom (14) waved the taronja flag with honor, but the triples of James Jones (14) and Dorsey (17) weighed too much. Derrick Williams did not help, who was disoriented again and in the last quarter lost a key ball and made a foul in attack that ended up killing the taronja.

From the beginning the old taronja guard took control of the match, to the point that fifteen of the 18 points that were scored in the first quarter were put between Labeyrie, Van Rossom and Tobey, all of them with two or more years in the club . The inspiration for those from Ponsarnau helped them to get into the game well, their good players were plugged in, Van Rossom reached 500 points in the Euroleague ... But not to distance themselves on the scoreboard, because the defensive intensity was conspicuous by its absence and the locals also saw the hoop large.

In the second period the inspiration of the Valencians dropped, but the defensive level did not increase until Casspi and Dorsey threatened to move Maccabi away from the scoreboard with a 7-2 run. From there, the Turia men rolled up their sleeves with work behind everyone, including an excellent Josep Puerto, and a brilliant Bojan Dubljevic who scored triple, under the basket, from middle distance and after an offensive rebound. The game went to the changing rooms 33-35 but with the feeling that if Valencia stepped on the accelerator it could make a difference.The rebound

The third quarter was very attractive for the spectator, but probably the technicians of both teams ended up frustrated. In ten minutes, locals and visitors scored almost the same 30 points that they had achieved in the entire first half, in a three-point show and where no one defended. The pique was starred by James Jones and Kalinic with two triples each in practically consecutive actions, but beyond All Star actions, Valencia was defensively out of place on the floor. Six points behind and with Tobey one foul from sending off, the game was on a razor's edge.

Y in the last quarter, Valencia failed where it had not failed in the previous 30 minutes: the rebound. Zicic, Hunter and Bender delighted under the taronja hoops allowing their team to enjoy repeated opportunities that, added to Dorsey's success from the line of three, knocked out Ponsarnau's. The technician kept a disoriented Derrick Williams on the track who did not hit a single one and did not call a timeout until his team was ten under, and of course, there was no reaction. The eighth place is two games away, for the moment, and each time there is less time left for Valencia than at the beginning of the season, the main objective was to be in the Top-8.

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