The duties of the six MotoGP factories before the last test

I work with the chassis at Yamaha, success at Ducati with the new fairing, Pol taking Honda, balance at Suzuki, hope at Aprilia and fiasco at KTM.


The first Qatar MotoGP test, carried out last Saturday and Sunday, left many tasks pending for the six factories on the grid with a view to the second and final test that will take place from Wednesday to Friday, again at the Losail circuit . A good summary could be this: work on the chassis at Yamaha, success at Ducati with the new fairing, Pol making Honda, balance at Suzuki, hope at Aprilia and fiasco at KTM. But better a brand by brand review after what was seen in the first trial.Yamaha

Its official riders, Viñales and Quartararo, plus Rossi, who is in the satellite team but has official equipment, focused on the first test on the new chassis and will have to continue working with him on the second. The new one, the one for the 2021 motorcycle, is intended to resemble the 2019 one used by Morbidelli, which in turn resembles the classic Yamaha chassis. It was difficult for Quartararo, but he ended up entering, Maverick remains to see what he thinks and Rossi did not like it, because he had acceleration problems due to lack of grip and he saw it very similar to the one in 2020. It can be said that, except Rossi, the The Yamaha rider got off to a good start, with Fabio's best time, a very connected Franco and a Maverick with rhythm. In addition to the chassis, they also have to test a swingarm and aerodynamic parts.


The usual in Qatar, in a good way, because they fly faster than anyone on the Losail straight (Zarco put himself at 351.7 per hour and his pilots took the top five places) and the new fairing works, at least on this circuit and with wind. It is an F1-inspired side flow conveyor that more effectively manages the intake of air with the intention of reducing anti-wheelie. It looks like a shelf placed on each side of the fairing, but it is there to avoid lifting the front wheel as much as possible without the help of electronics, so that the engine is less covered by electronics when it comes to gas. And another important detail, it leaves the competition with the fly behind the ear again.Suzuki

Rins has already tested the engine that they have manufactured for the GSX-RR of 2022 and felt it with more power, which is what they always look for in Suzuki without losing the greatest virtue of its mechanics, which is balance. Mir, who was very connected in the first test, will test it during the three days of the second test and will also work on the time attack, because this year he has set himself the goal of improving his grades. Another positive detail is that the absence of Davide Brivio in front of the box is not being noticed.Honda

With Pol accumulating kilometers of adaptation to the Honda, which he will continue to do over the next three days, the development work was left to Bradl, who tested three bikes, one new, with a new fairing and chassis. Nakagami and Álex Márquez also tested the new material, although their cases with the misfortune of ironing their motorcycles. The Japanese fell on the second day and the Spanish both. As for Pol, he has not yet felt the limit of the Honda, something that he did have to do with the KTM to do a fast lap. It goes without saying that Marc Márquez will be absent again in the second test, but his presence in the first GP, on March 28, has not yet been ruled out.KTM

It was the big disappointment in the first test and has a lot of work in the second, especially to tune the engine this season. Although the thrusters are sealed for almost all factories (only Aprilia retains concessions) improvements can be sought by playing with the exhaust and electronics. The orange bikes have not released a new chassis or fairings at the moment, because they are very focused on the engine. The one who did the best was Oliveira, but outside of the top ten and neither Binder nor Petrucci, who went to the ground, nor Lecuona stood out. They have to step forward to reissue last year's results.


The only factory with concessions in the regulation is taking advantage of its advantage and has created a new bike that Aleix loves and that is making him take the lead. He assures that it is more physical, that it requires more force to move it, and its engine is more reliable and is less cramped than last year, the same one that was not squeezed to the maximum of its possibilities so that it did not break. They will have seven engines during the course, two more than the competition, and they must reconfirm the sensations in this last test.

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