The Clippers go for Lonzo Ball

The market closes on Thursday and the Clippers dream of a point guard who increases his playoff options. The Knicks, also interested.


Next Thursday, March 25, the transfer market closes, the deadline to get players if they are to play the 2021 playoffs with their new team. Then the buyouts will arrive, but first operations are negotiated in which the applicants to the ring seek ways to redouble their options, the teams in a worse sporting situation try to improve their future assets and contracts that can end up being complicated are handled with care ... or without fear of danger. A real bombshell can come from that mix: According to journalist Marc Stein, the Clippers are looking for ways to get Lonzo Ball.

In a way, it makes the most sense. The Clippers are looking for base, an obvious need last season that did not cover the arrival of Reggie Jackson and that was not solved before the start of this season. In the playoffs they need, or would improve a lot, a playmaker who plays alongside Paul George and Kawhi Leonard and makes the attack more fluid, less mechanical and based on the success of the two stars.

Clippers are obvious buyers ... and Pelicans are sellers. The second year post Anthony Davis hasn't brought any glory either. From Brandon Ingram's All Star position he has gone to that of Zion Williamson, but the team is 17-24, at a very disappointing level beyond too punctual flashes. Lonzo Ball did not extend his contract before this season, so he will be a restricted free agent later this season, with a high player option: $ 14.3 million. The Pelicans opted (after giving Ingram a mega-contract and knowing that they will have to give Zion another) to wait to see where a Lonzo would go that has given cause for optimism and pessimism since landing in the NBA. And the point guard has given a great level. In the best tone of his career, he is at 14.2 points, 4.2 rebounds, 5.6 assists, 1.3 steals and, this is essential for his development, 38.5% in triples shooting more than 7 per night.

Lonzo is 23 years old and came to the Lakers as an ultra media number 2 in the draft in 2017. In his two years in the Lakers he alternated lime and sand and ended up being one of the pieces of the Anthony Davis operation. Now he's covering his second season on NOLA amid rumors about his future. The Knicks are another team that has an interest in him, now via transfer or at the end of the season, in a market in which Lonzo is appreciating a lot.The problem for the Clippers is that they have very little draft capital (they invested a lot to get Paul George from Oklahoma City) and their offer will not be very juicy. Their trick is to find a third team that wants to enter a multi-gang operation ... or that is close to the 25th, the Pelicans want to release Lonzo without waiting for the end of the season and see no better options. In that case, a hypothetical first Lakers-Clippers in the history of the playoffs could have the added curiosity of seeing Lonzo in LA ... but against his ex.

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