The Classical is stained of Barcelona

Barça win their fourth duel in a row against the whites. Great Oriola. Madrid hold out until the end with Tavares as a beacon, but will close the Euroleague with 0-6 before the Spaniards.


The trend is accentuated. Fifth Classic of the course, fourth successive win for Barcelona. The pulse is stained Barça, although Madrid was in it, unlike in the Cup, until the last minute. They lacked resources, yes, and their inferiority seems obvious. In the Barça of the stars, he unbalanced one of Tárrega (Lleida), Pierre Oriola. Mobility and success against Tavares, once again the best in Real by far (the second Deck, which is becoming the norm), to leave room for Mirotic.

Oriola, we said, opened the ban and put the final stretch on track with a triplazo (3 of 5, 18 points) and a mate for activity and reading of the space. Mirotic's plug to Deck finished stopping the meringues in their tracks before Higgins pointed from the staff. A serene Barça, which now knows itself superior and already in the quarterfinals and ... something more, because with 21 victories it is very leading and has almost tied the home court factor. His rival, on the other hand, is still in the fight for a playoff place, he has five days left to sweat and will close the Euroleague without having beaten any of the three Spanish teams, neither at home nor away, a striking 0-6.

The white starting five was atypical, with Alocén, Taylor, Deck, Tyus and Tavares. Laso repeated inside pair compared to Sunday in Murcia and Tyus worked until the injury next to Edy, even despite having to mark Mirotic. Barcelona found its scoring flow in less common pieces, Calathes and Oriola: 3-10. The answer came from Alocén, who seeing that in the blocking and continuation with Tavares his pair, Calathes, was lagging behind and the Barça defense was sinking to prevent it from connecting with the giant, he looked for the ring with penetrations and shivers in motion. Three successes in a row that forced Hanga to enter as a base to stop him, then the Hungarian sought to punish Laprovittola at the post.

El Real had a good dynamic despite the success of Kuric (3 of 4), who launched beating Causeur. The rebound was white and Barça tried to confuse their rival with zone defenses. The 5 of 9 in triples put the Catalans up (19-24) and the locals responded with the same coin (5 of 6 in the second quarter). Good minutes from Abalde. Tavares committed two fouls and rested almost half of the first half. Garuba and Tyus were also loaded with personnel, the American, in addition, sprained an ankle by himself, when he already imagined crushing the counterattack, and did not return.

The third act started with Mirotic's basket and Alocen's reply, but the point guard had three losses and fired those of his team until 15 in the 26th minute (they only added one more in the remainder). The great white workhorse of a time now. Steering problems and a lack of generators dull his game and lead him to over-force himself with the possession horn harassing him. The rejects stayed at home, although those of Jasikevicius chained several very valuable to someone else's ring that spurred them on. Abrines, Oriola, Kuric, Davies ... slight advantage (54-57) .

To counteract the jam, Tavares as an offensive beacon and assistant (3 basket passes plus 16 points and 11 sacks). Man orchestra until his fourth fault (also four then Garuba, Davies and Abrines, who ended up eliminated). A lapse of three minutes on the bench that Calathes and Mirotic took advantage of to connect, even exchanging roles. With the tower back, Oriola unleashed his third triple. Madrid had thrown the hook and never let go, but it did not give him for more. It lacks offensive weapons, and it lacked Llull and Rudy, who are handled in these appointments. The gap opens, Barça is in charge and dreams of changing the cycle. So far, solid leader of the Euroleague.

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