The bleeding of the Raptors that does not stop

Eleventh defeat in 12 games for a team adrift. Staying out of the playoffs is starting to get real. McCollum sentenced in the last 2 minutes.

The Toronto Raptors' season to forget continues with one more loss, the eleventh in twelve games, for a team that loses when it plays moderately well and, of course, loses when it plays poorly as well. Something that this course has us used to. Last night he let another game escape that he could have won, because he reached the end of the match with options, not because he deserved it. He committed more than twice the losses of the rival (20 to 8), scored an embarrassing third quarter (only 10 points, did not score in the last six minutes of that period) and finally succumbed to a player of a level right now unimaginable in your template.

CJ McCollum scored 7 of his 23 points in the final 2 minutes to kill off a game that the Blazers weren't always clear on. The comeback in the third quarter, when they left their rival in 10 points, was key. This time it was there that Dame Time was given. Lillard scored and scored (he finished with 22 points and 11 assists), well seconded by Norman Powell, a former Raptors who starred in the anecdote of the game when he placed himself in the field of his former team in the initial jump, forgetting for a moment that now wear the opponent's colors. Terry Stots opted for a starting five with three guards (Lillard, McCollum and Powell) and, although at first they did not coincide much due to the problems of fouls in the third, the coach confirmed that that lineup is going to be seen a lot from now on.

The Blazers, with Nurkic already on track, remain sixth in the West, already with a considerable advantage over the play-in positions. On the contrary, the Raptors are beginning to see that the option of not playing in the playoffs this year is not at all far-fetched. They are in 11th position, just below the play-in. Ahead they have the Bulls two games away, but the Chicagoans don't seem to intend to loosen in their fight to get into the title playoffs after taking Nikola Vucevic at the close of the market. Ahead of the Bulls are three teams, Pacers, Heat and Celtics, which it's hard to imagine losing more games than these Raptors. And ahead of them, and already in the positions that do lead directly to the playoffs, a series of teams a priori lower than the Canadians, but in practice much better this course. Hawks, Hornets and Knicks, with a difference of between five and six wins over the Raptors, seem unattainable right now. In Toronto (or Tampa in this case) the future is getting blacker.

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