The Baskonia dries to the European revelation and looks to the top-8

The people from Vitoria were better from the first minute and gave no option to a rival who was left without a coach due to accumulation of techniques.


Bayern basketball is looking more and more like football. From being testimonial on the European scene, it is now stomping on the old continent. He arrived in Vitoria with 18 victories and a very balanced basketball on both sides of the court. But his coach was disqualified in the third quarter for making two insults at the referees in a row. In reality, Trinchieri could no longer send missives to his players from the bench. Adriano Vertemati did it, his second. The Bavarians are specialists in overcoming impossible matches but they did not succeed in the Buesa Arena, which brings the Vitorians closer to the Top-8.

The Munich side started lopsidedly, with three front-row losses within the opening minute. Baskonia squeezed in passes and stole possessions. In fact, Trinchieri's men took more than two minutes to score their first basket, the work of Johnson. But, between him and Reynolds, they placed 6-8 in minute 4. At TD Systems Jekiri stood out, with 8 points in the first quarter, but also helping in defense, rebound, intimidation and even assists. Another who began to show his class was Pierrià Henry who, after a ridiculous pass, got an impossible triple on the possession horn. Baskonia won the first quarter by 2 points (17-15) .

Things started well for Ivanovic's in the second (24-17, min. 12) but, pushed mainly by Zipser, the Germans signed a partial 5-16. Players like Giedraitis, Polonara or Peters barely scored and the percentage from the free kick was very poor. In addition, Fall committed his third personal foul for which Diop had to enter the court. But it was again Jekiri who commanded the comeback to tie the score at 33 at halftime. He and the magician Henry, with a final 2 + 1 that must be recorded because it seemed like a playground play. He does not know if he plays in a European pavilion without an audience or on a street court in his neighborhood surrounded by all his friends. Bayern went to the locker room without taking a single free kick.

The first thing that happened in the second half was that Henry made two free throws and Polonara a triple. Trinchieri stopped the game in the first minute of the restart. In fact, a 14-0 accumulated partial was signed between the end of the second installment and the start of the third act. A disqualifying technique for the visiting bench boss increased that streak to 16-0. The German team delegate gave his coach the keys to the locker room so that he could open it. In reality, the partial favorable to the Basques was 20-0. From 29-33 to 49-33. With 56-35, the game was practically resolved. There were only 15 minutes left to finish the engagement. Polonara was the man plugged in in that phase of the game, already well helped in scoring by the Lithuanian Rokas Giedraitis.

TD Systems got 22 points up but then relaxed a bit and the final period started with 15 points difference for Dusko Ivanovic's men. The entrance of Kraemer came to leave the game in 6 of difference, with 74-68. The Baskonians made ridiculous losses and were not fluent in attack. But Vildoza was sweet and closed the victory with his teammates, specifically Peters from free throws. It can be said that Bayern worked better with Vertemati than with Trinchieri but they did not give him to overcome the game and take a triumph that seemed impossible in the final stretch of the third quarter. But Bayern is Bayern, a great of Europe after all, who not only seeks to be in the Top-8 but also to be seeded for the second phase.

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