TD Systems has not paid Baskonia for four months

TD Systems accumulates four months without paying the Vitoria entity, which is actively looking for a new sponsor to circulate the money again.


Baskonia is actively looking for a new sponsor to give it the naming in the next season because TD Systems has already accumulated about four months without paying. The team is still very much alive in the Euroleague and looks to go far in the ACB League but the television brand does not fulfill its commitment. This situation also seems to occur in Atlético de Madrid for men's football and for Estudiantes for women's basketball. But in the case of the Vitoria club, we talk about the name of the team, an especially important asset.

Not only owes four months but also the bonus from the Copa del Rey dispute. Precisely, in that competition, several executives of the company were invited in the stands of the WiZink Center along with other sponsors of Baskonia. There the issue of debts with the Alava entity was an open secret. Some of those sponsors commented on the fact in private when they returned to Vitoria, but it had not yet come to public light because, surely, the club would have categorically denied it. Today it has been El Confidencial, from Madrid, which has published, with data, the complaint of defaults in the three entities. In the case of Baskonia, of course, confirmed.

This means that Josean Querejeta and his managers are already underway to re-sell the basketball team's bib and the rest of the advertising (static, dynamic and on other fronts such as Alavés football and its stadium) to another firm . Before TD Systems, the basketball club was called Kirolbet Baskonia but the legislation tends to remove bookmakers from naming. We will see what happens with entities such as Retabet or Betway himself that Alavés wears on his main shirt. In this case it is advertising on the elastic but not the name of the club. These are difficult times to obtain funds via sponsorship and institutions tend to avoid exhibitions by entities linked to gambling, tobacco or alcohol. In Álava, an exception is made for wine, since it is not a drink of many grades and there is a large production in Rioja Alavesa, a source of income and activity in the southernmost region of the province. They cannot be stigmatized because they are a fundamental part of the primary sector of Álava.

The “naming” of Baskonia used to be valued, more or less, at one million euros but the pandemic has left all those figures in something relative. The commitment with TD Systems was closed once the basketball team had won the 2019-20 Endesa League, so the consequences of the coronavirus were at their full health and economic peak. It is quite possible that these amounts are therefore less. But, not even like that, El Confidencial assures that the company does not have liquidity problems since the television sales sector has not suffered so much in a period in which people have to spend many hours at home. He simply does not pay and accumulates four months of debts, as with Atleti and Estu feminine.

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