Tavares and Deck don't loosen

Madrid wins in Murcia with the weapons that gave them victory in Saint Petersburg. Good work as a team. UCAM is overcoming a very weak start.


That UCAM Murcia, after scoring a single basket in the first nine minutes and finishing 2 of 15 in triples and 18 of 53 of two, reached the last quarter alive speaks well of their work and perseverance. That Madrid cut his wings then, with a defense maintained over time, an extra success in free throws and only two losses (of the 20 total), reflects the seriousness of the leader despite the rush of his moment after returning from a double European day in Russia. Felipe Reyes and the youth squad Tristan Vukcevic played, and Tyus started four starters (all three complied), but Tavares and Deck were again as decisive as in Saint Petersburg. And even more squeezed. The pivot, 16 points and 7 rebounds in 26:06. The Argentine SUV, 10 + 7 and +19 with him on the court in 33:50. There Alocen surpassed him (+21), who despite his -1 valuation made a good second half. Like Carroll.

The well-known Tavares effect led Murcia to miss their first ten pitches out of two. Seconds to the end of the first quarter, he only had three points, a triple by Webb made in his second attack, the rest, all failures. It was Cate who took the cap off the rim with the first triple of her ACB career. Despite the forced blackout, Madrid did not get excessive revenue and barely traveled ten up: 6-16. From +10 to +13 (10-23) after two consecutive baskets by Reyes, who formed an interior pair with Vukcevic.

Sadiel Rojas' elbow to Causeur

The youth power forward, in his fourth ACB game, held out until the break on the court. The captain, no, because he received a strong knee from Webb in the side in a spectacular dunk attempt by the American. The one who also ended up in pain was Causeur, who received an elbow from Sadiel Rojas in the left eye (the area turned purple) when the Dominican, after throwing a triple, dropped his arm on the Frenchman's face. The referees judged her unsportsmanlike in the Instant Replay. On replay, it seemed to some of us something more, an assault.

What gave UCAM wings was the constant struggle of Tomás Bellas pressing the point guard (Laprovittola, 5 losses only in the second quarter) and that of Cate, also the success of the Romanian interior (17 goals), junior European champion in white together to Doncic. The five local recoveries (10 visiting losses) narrowed it all: 24-30 at halftime. And in the resumption, even more: 40-42, minute 26. Cate continued on his good line and the Brazilian point guard Caio Pachecho (22 years old) put one more march, his great debut. The success (only two) grew. More vividness.

In Madrid, Lapro did not return to the scene in a second half that Alocén played in full. Quite better in steering than shooting (1 of 10). With the duel at 40-42, Tavares already had four fouls and Garuba would add the fourth shortly after, but Carroll gave air to the leader with eight points in a row. Laso managed the presence of Tavares very well, as on Thursday against Zenit, his team maintained general concentration and defense, and Alocen took the lead. Real forced fouls and took advantage of them. His 12 of 14 in the last act from the staff contrasts with the previous 9 of 16. Jordan Davies' arreones (three goals in a row for 50-55) were not enough. Good white work, which highlights the final +16, now waiting for Barça, this Thursday in the Euroleague. Let's see.

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