Tatum can with Beal and the Knicks do not hit the brakes

The Eastern conference is tightened from fourth to tenth place, with only 1 game and a half difference. The Heat are clearly on the rise.

Celtics 111 - Wizards 110

The Boston Celtics narrowly escaped another loss with a basket by Jayson Tatum. The forward, who finished the game against the Wizards with 31 points and 8 rebounds, scored his third score of the course to put his team ahead in the last 5 seconds of the game. Nobody has done it so many times so far this season. In the Wizards, who came with a good run of results, Bradley Beal was the leading scorer again (46) but, once again, it was useless. Of the 95 players who have scored 10 or more 40-point games, Beal is the one with the worst winning percentage in them (6-20, 23.1%). In addition, they have lost the last eleven in a row, the worst streak in history.

Pistons 90 - Knicks 109

The New York Knicks get fourth in the East. It is not a joke. With a record of 18 wins and 17 losses, they haven't been so good at this point in the league since the 2021-13 season. In a conference in which everything is very even (a game and a half difference between the fourth and the tenth) anything is possible. And, for now, the seriousness that Tom Thibodeau imposes on his teams is paying off. Julius Randle was again the best (25 + 8 + 6), well accompanied by RJ Barrett (21 + 5) .

Heat 109 - Hawks 99

The Miami Heat go like a shot. After a disappointing start to the season, caused among other things by injuries, they are already one of the best teams in the league. THE best, in fact, if you look at the current streak: six wins in a row, more than anyone right now. In just two weeks they have gone from flirting with the East tail to getting to 50% of victories and fully involved in the fight for the playoffs. So much so that they are already fifth. It was a choral performance by the Florida men, in which Kendrick Nunn stood out (24 points and 7 assists). Although the top scorer of the game was in the ranks of the Hawks. It was John Collins (34), who it is said could be transferred before the end of this month.

Wolves 99 - Suns 118

Devin Booker was the executor of a Minnesota Timberwolves who do not raise their heads. The guard scored 43 points, 21 of them in a third quarter in which the game began to break down. It is the fourth time in his career that he has scored more than 40 points in three quarters, something that the rest of the players in the franchise have only done twice in the last 25 years. The Phoenix Suns, clearly on the upside, win their 14th game in the last 17 games played and move away from the mess that is mounting between the fifth and the tenth place of their conference. Those from Arizona are already pointing up and have the Lakers, their next rival, halfway through victory. The Wolves, the other side of the coin, continue with the worst record in the league and accumulate eight consecutive losses. The two Spaniards played, although they did not have much relevance in the meeting. Ricky had 6 points, 6 assists and 3 steals and Juancho had 7 points and 4 rebounds.

Bucks 105 - Clippers 100

Giannis Antetokounmpo destroys Kawhi Leonard and Paul George with a great performance and a final quarter to frame. The Milwaukee Bucks try new things ... and get it right. Read the chronicle here.

Rockets 84 - Grizzlies 1

3 The Houston team lose their 11th consecutive game and they do it big: by 49 points and with the worst percentage in franchise history. Read the chronicle here.

Lakers 117 - Warriors 91

The Los Angeles team did not allow the same thing that happened on January 18 to happen to them again. The Los Angeles Lakers are still Stephen Curry's beast noir in the West. Read the chronicle here.

Kings 126 - Hornets 127

A 2 + 1 by Malik Monk with 1.4 seconds left consuming an impossible comeback. The Sacramento Kings miss 5 free throws in just 1 minute. Record of PJ Washington. Read the chronicle here.

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