Sylla proposes and Couto arranges the victory of Girona

Far superior in the second half, Girona traced Álvaro Lemos's initial goal from a penalty. Las Palmas is moving further away from the playoffs.


Whoever laughs last does not always laugh more, but rather better. Girona left crestfallen to rest after that final 1-0 by Álvaro Lemos, perhaps feeling like a team superior to Las Palmas. Francisco's kids reacted in a marvelous way, tying up his rival to be able to overcome a match that again puts them fully into the fight for a playoff that seems impossible for the Gran Canaria team.The excess of respect that Las Palmas and Girona seemed to profess undermined the morale of the show, perhaps resented with so many precautions on both sides of the pitch. In the absence of clear scoring chances, the scoring was opened with a penalty. Despite everything, there was some history to tell before that 1-0 work by Álvaro Lemos.

He began commanding the Girona, excellent in the pressure on the exit of the ball from Gran Canaria, lost in the first bars the team of Pepe Mel. But Francisco's team did not specify his dominance, neither on occasions, and the first shot of the duel between the three sticks came in the 13th minute, the work of Jesé from outside the area, which was stopped by Juan Carlos without any problem. The effort, always non-negotiable, cannot be denied to the once stellar attacker from Gran Canaria, who 180 seconds later, this time with his left leg and from the same distance, threw a ball that brushed the right stick. Inevitable to think that once he scores his first goal, the rest will come cascading.

No matter how hard both teams tried, it cost a world the last pass in either of the two areas, without work for two luxury spectators as Juan Carlos and Domínguez seemed, two days after leaving with the U21, unstable in their outings but with feline reflexes in the first shot on goal for Girona, by Aday at minute 35.

Naufragaba completely Las Palmas on the left wing, the contribution of Silva and Araujo non-existent. On the right, Lemos was still like the perfect dagger, and the first one that changed sides caused a clear penalty from Nahuel Bustos that he himself was in charge of transforming into the 1-0 with which the break was reached.


The pie with which Las Palmas came out of the locker room, even more serious that circumstance having everything in its favor, was terrific. And that, as soon as the game resumed, Mujica made it 2-0 but the goal was disallowed for offside. Pure mirage in any case. Thus, Girona quickly turned a game that came to dominate completely. To begin with, in minute 47 Rivera threw a poisoned pass into the yellow area before the inaction of the centrals and Domínguez, whose bad start, something repeated so many times, was taken advantage of by Sylla to score at pleasure the demand 1-1.

Girona's dominance increased against a Las Palmas Sports Union that played through spasms, no trace of fluidity in their game, unable to get out of the trap that Girona had set for them. And that delicious heel from Jesé left Araujo alone in front of Juan Carlos, but the Argentine's shot ended up in the stands. The same did not happen in the 64th minute, when Gumbau threw a perfect deep pass to Sylla, whose cut went long but ended up being used by Couto to make it 1-2.

Nor is it that Francisco's kids sought the sentence on the fast track, but they felt more than comfortable with a score in favor that Las Palmas could not threaten. He was able to do it when Santi Bueno was expelled for nailing Pejiño's tacos from behind, a misdeed just punished with a red card after the VAR's intervention, but there was no time left.

Las Palmas lost it for many minutes, and when he realized there was nothing to do. When he was closer to getting into the playoff fight, it seems that, except for a miracle, he will have to settle for a comfortable stay. Meanwhile, Girona leaves Gran Canaria with the feeling of having returned to the path whose end is the First Division, eliminatory by at least. Tonight, in fact, he overcame a good bump. His victory was just right.

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