Suzuki seeks to revalidate title 39 years later and Mir's nod to 1

Those of Lucchinelli and Uncini (81 and 82) were the last two consecutive titles that they celebrated in Hamamatsu, because neither Schwantz and nor Roberts Jr repeated.


Presentation almost on time of the Suzuki Ecstar, with some competition engines roaring in the Qatar pits to prepare for the imminent start for the first full day of MotoGP in the Qatar test. Yesterday only testers and rookies rode the Shakedown, with Bradl (Honda) dominating ahead of Crutchlow (Yamaha). Thus, the entire Suzuki squad has gone to the initial part of the Losail straight, to present a project that has the firm intention of revalidating the title 39 years after the last one that they were able to repeat the title. And he does so with a nod to the 1 of the champion, a Joan Mir who, although he has preferred to keep the number 36 as the number that led him to the Moto3 (2017) and MotoGP (2020) titles, incorporates the 1 of champion on both sides of his dome and on the back of your overalls and helmet.

The champion explains the nod to 1: "The Mir with the 1 is a design that I liked a lot from the first moment. You have to win a World Cup to be able to wear it. Where before it put Mir, now this design goes with the 1. Me I like it so much that I would like to keep it, but for that we have to win again and that will not be easy, because I am convinced that the year will be busy ".

To see Suzuki win the title of the queen class two years in a row, you have to go back to 1981 and 1982, when Marco Lucchinelli and Franco Uncini did it, in the 500cc. Before, the unforgettable Barry Sheene had done it, in '76 and '77, but then neither Kevin Schwantz nor Kenny Roberts Jr, champions in 1993 and 2000, were able to do it. I try, because Álex Rins already showed last year that he was ready to fight for the crown. They both know.

Mir said: "We have a great challenge ahead of us, which is to repeat the title. The idea this year is to fight for the title. I really want to do it and I have a beautiful bike for it and the team is there. And I also have a great companion ".

Y Rins, for his part, has assured this: "Last season I recovered in the middle of the year from the injury, but I had a couple of falls in races. We finished the year well and we have to start it well. I'm ready to rock ! ".

They both loved this year's colors of the GSX-RR, the most balanced bike on the grid. They are very similar to those of last year, those of the 60th anniversary, although now it includes in the keel and the cupola the claw of Monster Energy, which joins as a sponsor. "I really like the bike and I see it a little more aggressive than last year with the Monter logo," said the champion. And the applicant has said in that sense: "I am excited to wear these new colors with a different sponsor. The bike is more or less the same. It goes well on the straights and we have speed through the corner." They are both ready for battle. Good luck.

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