Soldier: "We play at home and, far from it, we are going to look for 0-0"

Roberto Soldado infects illusion. The forward, who will have minutes against Molde, was optimistic about the tie and praised Jorge Molina: "He is an example."


The keys to the tie? “To be ourselves, that identity that we have as a team, not to lose it. Have the ambition and intelligence to know that it will be a close tie, with a rival who will make things difficult. If we are ourselves, we will have a good chance of passing. There will be many casualties, but the rest of us will play with the strength that they transmit to us. It is exciting for everyone and also for the entire city. We want the best Granada to be seen. ”

How do you feel? “Little by little I have had minutes as part of the recovery process. I'm 100 percent and I'm going to help my teammates to get a good result. I played 35 minutes with Athletic. Hopefully I contribute a lot. "

Of the five debutants in Europe Legue, only Granada has passed the phase. “I have not seen the others. If we know what we are and what has made us get here. We know that the game is going to be demanding and even. It is a team that has played before the Champions League. We have respect for our rival because he is a great team. ”

Jorge Molina. “What he is doing is tremendous. He helps us. He has incredible merit, with that level, playing every minute, always available. He does not transmit great values as a professional and a person. We know that it has come to multiply, not just to add. It is essential in a wardrobe like this. It is an example of overcoming and ambition. ”

Plan in Los Cármenes. “We play in our field and, far from it, we are going to seek 0-0 or maintain the result even if we are more players in the second leg. You have to try to get a good result in this game and we'll see what happens ”.

Pass on your experience to your colleagues. “I'm more nervous than they are, because I have fewer and fewer opportunities to experience something like this. It is a prize and we have to enjoy it. The more we do it, the closer we get to who we want to be as teams. It is necessary to put illusion, because the eliminatory is long, but it is necessary to squeeze it to the maximum, from those of the field to the companions that remain in the stands. It has to move us inside. Be competitive animals and put 120 percent ”.

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