Sevilla, in serious condition

Elche comes out of relegation by knocking down Lopetegui's team, which has three defeats before the Champions League. Goals from Raúl Guti, Carrillo and De Jong.


EI Elche firmly believes in salvation. And it is not an act of faith. Escribá has landed with clear ideas and wants to work another of those miracles that are known in the Martínez Valero by heart. His team is another. He has gone from wandering the grass and smelling dead to being alive and well. Sevilla passed over with football, dedication and claw. And that is beginning to worry in Nervión, where gasoline seems to be in short supply.

The cup defeat to Barça left lethal consequences for Lopetegui's team. Elche also punished Sevilla's second unit and put fear in his body before attempting the feat against Borussia. Raúl Guti and Carillo dressed as Haaland to sentence Sevilla in just six minutes. De Jong tightened the score at the last moment, but Sevilla did not give a draw to scratch and won, for the first time, three defeats in a row since Lopetegui took command.

Sevilla came out at a trot. And that Lopetegui, trembling by the kilometers accumulated by his team, oxygenated the eleven. In the Seville box only Vaclik and De Jong repeated regarding the cup debacle. But Sevilla was thick. His mind was still on the Camp Nou. Also in Dortmund and in the derby, where a lot is being played in the coming days.

The Elche jumped with one more gear. The Scribe's machine is getting more and more oiled and his idea of the game leaves little doubt. With Carillo and Boyé at the top, everything goes through lateral centers to feed the tanks. This is how Elche came close to getting ahead on a couple of occasions. Rekik had to get the clearest almost on the line after a shot from Carillo. Raúl Guti, from the front, also tried. Sevilla was lost having the ball in inconsequential areas, with Papu at the forefront of all operations. Of course, the Argentine, despite delaying his position a bit and occupying more field, still does not feel comfortable. The dances seem to have to wait.

Sevilla finished the first half without testing Edgar. In the second part, something more determined came out. Munir, in a crossed shot, forced the Elche goalkeeper to send the ball to a corner. The entire offensive game of Sevilla was summed up in that action. Elche continued to do their thing and waited for a glaring failure by Gudelj at the exit of the ball to generate the clearest chance. Boyé stole the wallet from the Sevilla pivot and stood alone against Vaclik. The goalkeeper won the duel with a good save with his foot. Elche did not collapse, despite having Sevilla on the ropes. Escribá insisted on pressure until Fidel's talent appeared. The winger slipped to the bottom line and put a golden ball on Raúl Guti, a born player who did not waste the gift to deliver the first blow.

Six minutes later, Carillo went ahead of Sergi Gómez and headed a free-kick that came in after touching the post and taking Vaclik out from within. The VAR had to intervene to put the 2-0 on the scoreboard. Lopetegui already had all his heavy artillery on the field, but he only gave it to De Jong to cut distances and set off the alarms.Lopetegui: "All defeats hurt"

Sevilla coach Julen Lopetegui assured this Saturday, after the defeat against Elche (2-1), that his team lost deservedly and regretted not having been able to find solutions to the bad feelings already offered in the first part.

"We got into the game badly and we wasted the first half. We went in tow. In the second we had the idea of looking for solutions, but they scored two avoidable goals," explained the Basque coach.

The coach pointed out that Sevilla "gave him heart" at the end when they had lost everything, although that was not enough. "You can win or lose, but in a different way. You have to think about the following now," he added.

Lopetegui recalled that Sevilla already went through a similar slump in results at the beginning of the season. "There are always better and worse moments and we must all be able to move forward together," he said.

Finally, he admitted that "all defeats hurt", but assured that his team already has the illusion of playing a good game on their visit to Dortmund. "We do not look at where we come from, but where we are going," he sentenced.

Write: "The triumph gives us confidence"

Elche coach Fran Escribá assured that the victory against Sevilla (2-1) will give his team confidence in the work they have done since their arrival on the bench four days ago.

"We have played an excellent game from minute one. At half-time I already told the players that there was little to correct because I saw superior to the team," commented the Valencian coach.

The coach admitted some suffering at the end of the game, although he indicated that it was something "normal" for the entity of the Sevilla players.

"We had to suffer, but the victory is well deserved," reiterated Escribá, who indicated that the victory will allow Elche "to go to work tomorrow with more joy, but nothing more."

Escribá described the victory as "important, as was Eibar's", although he added that they have "quite a few more steps to take towards the goal" and praised their players "for the complete game they have played."

"I think that from the order we are stronger. In an open game we have much fewer options," explained the coach, who despite the difficult schedule that awaits him said that his team will be "close to scoring points if it gives everything as it has. done today. "

The Elche coach said that Sevilla's goal hurt "because we didn't deserve those five minutes of suffering" and highlighted the performance of forward Guido Carrillo, who scored the second goal.

"If you have to score from zero to three, you should give it a four. He has played a huge, exceptional game.

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