Serron, the piece that makes everything fit in Bilbao

"The most difficult thing is not being able to help your teammates," he says after leaving a long injury behind. Brings defense and experience. The club rules out more signings, despite Bertans' offer.


Quentin Serron is 31 years old, but due to his slow and very responsible way of speaking, and his silver hair, one would say that he has quite a few more. He is not a player of those to raise his voice, to monopolize the ball, or spectacular plays. It is just the opposite. A silent warrior. A recommended envoy from Hervelle to Bilbao to extend the legacy of the Belgian lions. He is one of those players who make all the pieces fit together in a team's puzzle. From experience, defensive talent and knowledge of the game, he is a perfect match for people like Jenkins, Brown, Zyskowski and Reyes, perimeter players who have neither their legs to press the passing lanes nor their head to choose the most appropriate when the Result rope tightens.

The Belgian guard is going to put all his effort to get the team out of the relegation zone. And it is already known what their virtues are: "One of my strengths is defense, it is true, but I do not defend the five rival players, it is a collective effort. I have experience and that is what I have tried to contribute these weeks. If the team needs any other contribution from me, I'll be there ", he puts on a tray. Betis judges as a different team from the first round, since they have had additions, starting with coach Joan Plaza "and they are more aggressive".,

A partial rupture of the patellar tendon in his left knee clipped his wings in early December. The summary is that he has played 11 games in 24 days. Precisely he said goodbye on November 22 in that chaotic week against Betis, with the contagion of a member of the coaching staff and the postponement of the game one day, and returned last Saturday against Gizpuzkoa, so it seems that his presence is revitalizing. During these three months of absence he has seen everything in Bilbao: signings, injuries to other important players, goodbye to Europe ... and defeats, many defeats. "The most difficult thing is not being able to help your teammates, nobody likes to be injured, to see how they fight and work for the games, you want to be with them as soon as possible. It is hard to be with them and know that you cannot give them one hand, but I'm back, "he reflects. Having beaten Guipuzkoa has helped them mentally, "it gives an important energy that we have to take advantage of," he proclaims ahead of Betis's important visit to Miribilla next Sunday, "but Illunbe is just a victory, we are not going to relax. now for that. "

The club rules out more signings. Although he has had the offer of Bertans, who has left the Khimki for defaults, there is no money in the box or a simple lace right now when the team has had three weeks to be round and start working without new faces or people parading to the side. Nursing. Well, Rousselle has been touched, but he is not ruled out one hundred percent for these two finals due to his permanence against Betis and Estudiantes. There are already thirteen basketball players on the payroll, a lot of people. "I understand well how it can feel, I have been months away from the field. He is our leader and we need him," Serron dedicated to the French guard.

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