Sergio Ruiz rescues Las Palmas

Rayo Vallecano, dominating, ran into a goal from the Cantabrian at the end of the game. Trejo scored the 0-1 penalty. The locals claimed two penalties.

And two hours later, life continued the same for UD Las Palmas and Rayo Vallecano. Iraola's boys, superior in the overall game, did not stockpile food before meeting Sergio Ruiz's goal when the game was already dying. The locals claimed two penalties, and the visitors had two goals disallowed.

Rayo Vallecano was better able to adapt to the initial context of the game, perhaps far superior to Las Palmas in the first half. In fact, he was about to open the scoring in the 9th minute, when Álvaro scored a clear chance of scoring after the loss of the imprecise Curbelo, in any case the entire yellow defense was too tense in the face of the incessant French-red attacks.Pepe Mel's boys were totally at the mercy of the Madrid team, perhaps Iraola's team was aware of the weakness of Las Palmas, their ball being blocked. And that the first clear chance of the match had it, after the assistance of Rafa Mujica, Jesé Rodríguez, who only a delicious hand from Dimietrievski prevented him from opening the scoreboard in his debut as a starter. The Gran Canaria striker, once an aspiring national soccer star, cannot be denied waste or desire, although it seems evident that he lacks that tip of speed and talent that he displayed in Madrid

The hosts of Iraola began to subdue their rival, the 0-1 being a matter of time. In fact, an Oscar goal was disallowed for offside before, around the 40th minute, Ale Díez overwhelmed Andrés inside the area, in what could mean the second yellow card, for Trejo to open the scoring from the penalty spot. The income could be even higher if García had not stamped a ball on Álex Domínguez's right post in injury time in which Las Palmas claimed two penalties, one by Advíncula's hand and the other by a grab on Álex Suárez.

Determined to redeem herself soon from the many sins she committed in the first half, Las Palmas tried to encircle Rayo, perhaps too soon. Thus, as soon as the game resumed, Maikel Mesa sent a ball to the post and in what seemed the warning that it finally was not.In the face of the yellow precipitation, a concentrated Rayo Vallecano, more than well equipped in defense, it is not that he had many problems to contain the washed-out insular attack, where Jesé and Mujica looked like two islets to which Pejiño, trying to contribute his offensive fantasy, could not arrive. Iraola's team could have sentenced the game in the 68th minute, when Guerrero came face to face with a harsh reality celebrating a goal that had been annulled for offside.

He could not match Las Palmas, but in no case was it due to lack of effort. His head was failing him, but he had plenty of heart and desire. In fact, in just two minutes, already facing the last ten games, Benito launched a missile at the post and Curbelo, in the heart of the Vallecana area, ran into a successful Dimitrievski, always on the far side.

Totally overturned, the island team made the half-tie through Sergio Ruiz, who adjusted the ball after a pass from Kirian to launch a torpedo at the base of Dimitrievski's right post, who could do nothing this time to avoid the 1- 1 with which a game was closed that leaves the teams as they were: Las Palmas anchored in the middle zone and Rayo leaving his life dying in his fight to, at least, play the playoffs.


Pepe Mel: "A grab in the area is a penalty"

The coach, who avoids talking about the referees in public, bites his tongue when talking about the referee's performance against Rayo.

With resignation and pain, the UD leaves a game that I may have won at home based on the merits scored on the pitch, and this was shown by a Pepe Mel who did not have many hairs on the tongue in the subsequent press conference to the party commented that and "we have been much better", despite having only been able to reap a draw.

Valuation of the match: "I think that in the first half, in the first 20 minutes, we were very indecisive. That has made us nervous, especially when getting the ball. We have risked in areas where we had problems and the Rayo smelled the blood. Instead of putting the ball behind his back, we wanted to keep playing short and we made life difficult. In the second half we understood what the theme was like and we were much better. We had Mesa's, Eric's , Benito's, Jesé's ... I think we have done a lot of good things to have lost the game, if it had been like that ".

Possible penalty in favor of the UD: "That has no interpretation, a grab in the area is a penalty"

Status of Maikel Mesa: "It is early, they will value him this Sunday, but the boy says he has broken. Well, one more problem. Thank God, Rober has trained this Saturday, Kirian improves, Benito is in tune, Oscar has been Now, we recovered Araujo, Jesé has not had any mishaps ... That is, we have good feelings with players who have to help us ".

Saúl Coco's debut in the League: "He is a much better footballer than what has been seen, perhaps his debut could have been. We were calmer before Ale Díez's card because we already have the experience that every time we have a card we end up with ten and every time there is something a penalty is awarded ".

Advíncula's hand in the area: "As the hand is interpretive and I am already an old fox, I have not told the referee about the hand, I told him about the grab right after. He was prepared to talk to me about the hand, but I have grabbed him by the grip. That has no interpretation, a grip in the area is a penalty. We should not talk about refereeing because it distracts us. We have tried to help him as much as we could and in the end he thanked us for our behavior. That's it, I'd rather stay with everything else. In the first half, against a team that has come to pressure us up, we had no way out. At half-time we talked and that's how the chances have come. In the second half we were better and I think it's to be satisfied. After going 0-1 against a team like this, coming from a disastrous game, it is to be happy ".

The grabbed Suárez: "He tells me that they hold on to each other. We are not having luck because in the last games we have started with a penalty against. Well, what are we going to do" .

Hands in the area: "I have the same opinion as all of you and the referees themselves. Everyone in the street has the same opinion. When an opinion is general, it doesn't matter what I say. It seems like a lottery and I don't want to think that the color of the shirt influences. Every time a Las Palmas footballer hits him with his hand it is a penalty. I can tell you that because it is demonstrable ".

Jesé's performance: "He's trying hard and I'm delighted with the boy. I'm sure he's going to help us a lot. We all had the concern of setting the correct times and not having problems like Maikel's because if it happens to him we lose him for the whole season. He came from doing nothing and, little by little, he is covering those stages. He is trying hard and I am delighted with the boy. I am sure he will help us a lot ".

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