Sergio gains momentum at Leganés

It grows hierarchically on the axis. Before Oviedo he made his debut as a libero. With Garitano he has already played more than in the 21 prior to the arrival of the coach.


The files of some footballers are incomplete photographs. They lack ingredients. Spanish, 188 centimeters and 81 kilos of weight. Position: patient and stubborn defense. That would be the right thing to do. But sometimes the objective hides more relevant subjective virtues than what is expressed by cold data. Some are as irrefutable (the data) as others (the virtues). The example of Sergio González, Leganés central defender, is impeccable.

His appearance as a kid just out of high school (and he is already 28 years old) deceives the human eye, which perceives in him a certain weakness far from the canon that dictates that a central must be rude, rough, strong and even ugly, as the ancient. Sergio is nothing of the sort and, nevertheless, he is revealing himself as a magnificent defender, relaunched now with Garitano on the bench.

From exile to patience

On Sunday against Oviedo he added his second consecutive title. It was the third game he had played in the last four days. One more match than the few duels he had played in the league since he signed for Leganés at the beginning of last summer market. Martí did not count on him.

He used it at the start of the course, but after falling in Lugo on the second day, he erased it from the map and exiled him to the bench or the stands. He only wielded it in the Cup, where Sergio looked at a good level on clay or artificial turf fields. One of his goals, for example, classified Leganés against Ourense. He scored and celebrated with a youthful hubbub, without glances at the bench, or gestures that indicated discomfort. On the contrary.

Professional attitude that reached its peak against Sevilla. In the Cup and a big stage, Sergio was a sober center-back and knew how to stop a Champions forward that needed to resort to extra time to knock down a Second Division. Despite this, he continued to occupy anonymous space in the stands in Liga.

Trust rewarded

It was the month of January and Sergio could have thought about leaving Leganés. He had options, but he decided to wait for his opportunity and continued working, making his best argument from day to day. In these, the bench changed owners and where before there was only darkness, the defense found light.

Against Tenerife, three days ago, he played again from the beginning with an outstanding performance. 154 days had passed since his last starting game in the league. It really seemed like 154 seconds. As if one clash had been played right after the other. Sergio commanded the rear and Garitano liked it so much that he repeated against Castellón and also against Oviedo.

In this last game he did not play a left-handed center-back (despite being right-handed), but as a libero. The stain of the penalty for involuntary hand that the VAR pointed out to him does not extinguish a performance in which he once again touched a high note, with an 86.4% percentage of successful passes (the highest of his team) and the perception that is capable of commanding the defense of a candidate for promotion. Another of those virtues that do not usually appear on the footballers' files.

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