Sené and Soriano make Castellón dream at the expense of Sabadell

Jonathan Soriano, in his debut, assisted the midfielder to momentarily remove the albinegro team from the relegation places. Those from Garrido take the golaverage.


El Castellón has three gold points and dreams of staying at the expense of a direct rival. Sabadell, who dominated throughout the match, especially after Stoichkov's entry in the first minutes due to Juan Hernández's injury, but the entry of Jonathan Soriano tipped the balance. The last Orelut signing, arrived after the deadline, the element that Juan Carlos Garrido demanded for the front, put a key ball to Josep Signo to break the tie and give wings to the Castellón team. Reach out and kiss the saint.

El Castellón entered the game well against a direct rival. After three minutes, three of those called to shake the Albinegro attack joined. Jorge Fernández received in the middle zone, saw the uncheck of Marc Mateu, who picked up the ball with class, surpassed his pair and put a candy on César Díaz, who made a diagonal across the area to end the action at the near post of Mackay. But it was finally Pierre Cornud who put the ball into his own goal.

The reaction was not long in coming. Three minutes later, Juan Hernández drew a break from the left and put a ball identical to Mateu's that Carlos Delgado pushed into his own goal. But both the referee and the VAR indicated that Álvaro Vázquez was offside. Hernández himself was sore after the action of the goal and had to be substituted after ten minutes. Stoichkov, warm up.

The game slowed down, but it was Sabadell, guided by the new member in the eleven, undetectable between the lines, who was approaching the rival's goal. Guruzeta and Boniquet put a successful Whalley to the test in a few minutes, who took advantage of Álvaro Campos's injury to settle in the eleven. He even stopped for a few minutes due to the coup between Indias and Lapeña, which cut a dangerous against the harlequinado box, which had already been warning. In the resumption, Vázquez controlled with majesty, but Whalley reduced spaces and the lineman raised the pennant. Again, offside.

Antonio Hidalgo's men dominated the ball, the house brand, showing traces of a well-worked team, but the blow received in the first moments allowed Castellón to develop on the field where Garrido wants his team: serious in defense and waiting for the rival error to bite. However, Stoichkov, the '2' of Sabadell with the soul of '10', jumped to Castalia with the mission of revolutionizing the meeting.

After the break, the visitors took another step in their staging. Rubio and Sierra did not hesitate to advance their position, ahead of the midfield line, alternating raises with the ball, while Stoichkov went down a few meters to get more if possible in contact with the ball. A ball that lasted seconds in the boots of the Castellón players.

The technicians began to move the benches. Aaron Rey and Heber to the field for Guruzeta and Víctor; The orelluts, without reference, and tucked behind, were betting on giving Jonathan Soriano the alternative to give some pointed air. His first contact was precisely after a long ball from Whalley. The intention was to have a support point above.

The changes had their effect, the danger now passed more outside than inside, and it was Heber who broke the tie. The left-hander faced Moyano, tricked him with the feint and caused a key penalty. He himself took it upon himself to beat Whalley. Castellón, unable to change course, trusted everything to Mateu's shipments. It was Sabadell, for its part, who continued taking steps towards victory. Vázquez again took a control from another category, cut in the area and scored. But again, he fell offside.

Garrido changed the system, went to three centrals and advanced lines. Soriano, with little presence, was key. Castellón's new battering ram opened up to the side, creating a hole inside that Sené knew how to read, which came with force from the second row to beat Mackay with a subtle touch. With the goal, Cubillas and Krhin, debut, to the field. Centrimeters for the final section. Three key points, which also give him an advantage in the golaverage.

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