Sagan criticizes the new UCI rules: "There are more dangerous things"

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Slovakian cyclist expressed annoyance with the new regulations adopted by the UCI. "They didn't talk to us."


The new measures adopted by the UCI, such as prohibiting descents on the frame bar as runners like Peter Sagan or Chris Froome usually do and rolling with the elbows on the handlebars in races other than time trials continue to generate doubts within the peloton .

One of the last to pronounce on these measures has been the Slovak cyclist and three-time world champion Peter Sagan, who is common to see riding on the bar of his bicycle when tackling the descents to get more speed.

In statements to La Gazzetta dello Sport Sagan, he stated that the UCI had not asked the riders about these measures and believes that there are more dangerous things that should be reviewed. "The UCI did not speak with us to discuss what is dangerous and what is not. They made the decision and that's it. There is nothing to talk about ... unless they listen to our opinion. We have to face it. But there are things more dangerous than position on the bike ".

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