Sabadell plays it against a Sporting on the rise

The Catalans need to add a vital victory for salvation while the Asturians aspire to assault the direct promotion (16:00, Mov. LaLiga).


A 12 games from the end, what will remain once today's match ends, neither Sabadell will be saved nor Sporting will ensure the playoff. But it depends on what happens today, especially if either of them wins, it could be decisive for the final stretch of the campaign (follow the game live on Sabadell suffered a painful defeat to a direct rival and cannot afford any more setbacks at home while Sporting, which has emerged as the second best team in the second round. A away win today would be the fifth in eight games, of which they haven't lost any.

On the local side, the main determining factor for Hidalgo is the organization of his forward. With Juan Hernández and Querol out, he will not be able to count on Álvaro Vázquez, owned by Sporting and with a clause in his loan contract that prevents him from playing today. In addition, he was injured in the last training session before the game. Despite the losses, Sabadell has enough options, but it remains to be seen how Hidalgo organizes it. Stoichkov is non-negotiable (he was a substitute in the last match) and will probably be escorted by Guruzeta and Héber Pena. Edgar could also enter.

As for the rest of the team, very big changes are not expected in the eleven, but one more point of intensity and, above all, forcefulness. Sabadell generates enough not to lose many of the games in which they have fallen, but their forwards do not materialize. Quite the opposite of Sporting, which has the top scorer in the category in its ranks. And not only that, but Gallego has found in Campuzano the perfect partner for Djuka.

Sporting travels with the only loss of the young full-back Guille Rosas, so no changes are expected in the starting eleven compared to the one he played last week against the leader. It will be an ambitious eleven, with an offensive vocation and with the clear intention of taking the three points of the Nova Creu Alta. In addition, the victory against Mallorca has raised the team's self-esteem and confidence in its possibilities. The Gijon team has consolidated in the playoff zone with aspirations for direct promotion in view of their performance against the best rivals in the competition.

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