Roy Keane spurred on "baby" Bruno Fernandes

The former Manchester United critic criticized his behavior before the derby against City. Bruno Fernandes scored and left a celebration with a message.


Bruno Fernandes is being, without a doubt, the best player of this Manchester United. At his good level we must add his even better data with 23 goals and 13 assists between all competitions. Since his arrival from Sporting, Maia's has become a leader on and off the green. It is the star and the spotlights point. For better and for worse.

Each great play is repeated around the world (United's focus is huge) and each gesture, analyzed by the remarkable amount of opinion that circulates around English football. Many of them, on TV and radio, are former players.

One of those who maintains the harshest speech, as he was on the field, is Roy Keane. The Irishman put the focus on Bruno Fernandes in the previous one and his gestures of frustration on the field spoiled him. "I have seen that when they take away his body language it is not good. When you leave and one of your colleagues is ready to enter and you are making fuss ... That is disrespectful to your partner. And we are talking about a leader . If I went in and the player who left for me did that, I would feel that they disrespect me, "he said.

Graeme Souness tried to defend the Portuguese and explain the pressure on his figure. Keane didn't buy the plot and threw his last taunt. "We'll see him against City. It's about what he does on the pitch. I know the players are under pressure to do interviews and respond to criticism, but you have to accept it. Don't be a baby. Focus on today's game. and have a great match against City, end of story. If you do well, we will praise you. If not, you better be prepared, "Keane sentenced mercilessly in the previous one.

Bruno Fernandes did not take long to answer and did so on the green. The Portuguese midfielder, praised for his performance but accused for the lack of a great game against the best of the Premier, scored his sixteenth goal in the English league this Sunday afternoon. Against City and in a derby.

Martial caused the penalty in minute 1 and Bruno took responsibility from eleven meters. He took a run and hit hard and down to make it 0-1 at the Etihad. He scored and went to the corner, threw himself on his knees and covered his ears with his hands. To make him not listen to his critics, among which Keane was included in the preview that it seems that the Portuguese listened. Goals with sound cancellation.

A notable for Bruno

Spurred on by criticism, he scored his goal and sent his message, but Bruno didn't have his most brilliant derby either even though United won 1-0. The midfielder played 89 minutes (Matic replaced him) in which he hit 78% of his passes with a remarkable success in his long deliveries (4/5). On the offensive side he was less active, with just one shot on goal throughout the game. In defense, on the other hand, he did not shy away from contact (10 duels, 3 won) and made up to three fouls. A complete match. A remarkable one, for a player who tends to touch an A with regularity.

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