Roofe's creepy kick ends in a skull fracture

Slavia Prague goalkeeper Ondřej Kolář was hit in the face by the Rangers forward's boot, causing a head injury.


In the 62nd minute of the match between Glasgow Rangers and Slavia Prague there was a terrifying moment. Rangers forward Kemar Roofe, who wanted to contest an aerial ball, extended his leg and slammed his boot in the face of Slavia goalkeeper Ondřej Kolář. The action caused a significant cut for the goal, so he was immediately substituted while Roofe was expelled.

According to the Czech club on its Twitter, Kolář has been diagnosed with a fracture of his frontal bone and as soon as the team lands in Prague he will be transferred to hospital for a careful examination of the injury. At the end of the game against Rangers, Jindřich Trpišovský, Slavia coach, said he was horrified by the action: "It was a disaster. Seeing the mishap repeated, it seemed really scary."

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