Ricciardo and McLaren smile: "Wow! It feels fast"

The Australian's first sensations behind the wheel of the MCL35M were positive, although he admits having trouble getting into the car due to the width of his hips.


There were 17 laps, distributed as good companions between Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris, for a total of 100 kilometers, as stipulated in the sports regulations regarding filming day. But all the McLaren members who traveled to the Silverstone circuit on February 16 ended with a smile on their lips.

The first steps of the MCL35M were not only firm and stable south of Northampton, UK, but Ricciardo and Norris began to verify the huge potential offered by the Mercedes power unit before packing their bags and heading to Sakhir, Bahrain. ), where they will have a day and a half of testing (March 12-13-14) to finish fine-tuning the installation of the Brixworth engine inside the British chassis.McLaren does not rule out having problems in the preseason

"Wow! It feels fast", was one of the comments that the Perth driver issued on the radio to his track engineer about the impressions he was experiencing at the wheel of a papaya orange car, where he does not suffer from the feeling of discomfort that he suffered in the past with Red Bull: "I have wide hips, I guess. I have pretty thick bones. But in the end I went in, so the problem was with a kind of first model of the seat. And with the dimensions that they had, they assumed it would be fine for me, but it wasn't quite right. Fortunately, it was just the seat and it wasn't the frame itself that was too narrow. Since it was touched up I've been able to sit down and fit in. "

"I feel like I'm really on the edge. I think from the way cars and chassis are designed these days, everything tries to be as tight and compact as possible. My hips are sometimes the limiting factor. So I tell them, 'just make sure it's comfortable, and if you think that makes you lose a tenth of a second in terms of aerodynamics, then I'll drive faster on the track! ", laughs, the replacement for Carlos Sainz at Woking, team with the He hopes to fulfill his dream of being proclaimed champion of the Formula 1 World Championship. He does not have anything easy, although the new generation of cars that will debut in the competition next year may be his great ally.

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