Rematch of Lessort in the return of the fans to Carpena

Unicaja ended their Eurocup adventure with defeat against the powerful Monaco. Good feelings from the people of Malaga. Mathias Lessort, overly motivated.


Unicaja put an end to their campaign in the Eurocup with a defeat against Monaco in a game where there was nothing at stake and where the best thing was the return of the public, 400 people, to Martín Carpena. Despite their bad final minutes and the absences of Brizuela and Alberto Díaz, the Malaga players showed their improvement in play and feelings. Mathias Lessort, a former Unicaja player, came out too motivated. 17 points, a PIR of 25 and eleven rebounds. The stands took his license plate. Great game for Jaime Fernández, with 28 points and a PIR of 26.

The Katsikaris team no longer had a chance in this Eurocup. But this match offered an emotional factor of transcendence, the return of the public 139 days later. 400 people, 150 of them health workers whom the club wanted to honor for their tireless and honest work in these hard times of the pandemic. Impeccable compliance with protocols.

In the absence of qualifying incentives, Unicaja had the plan to confirm his improvement since the arrival of Katsikaris. Without Alberto Díaz or Brizuela, the people from Malaga came out eager, but they found a Monaco plugged in. Lessort, a former composer, came out again wanting revenge to show that he was not valued enough at the Carpena. At 4 ', 6-15. Jaime Fernández's strength, getting better after his injury, scoring 10 kept Fotis's men afloat. At 11 'the score was 21-29 neutralized, with a partial of 8-2, until reaching 31-31. The 400 spectators roared. A wonderful and unfortunately forgotten sensation.

Unicaja was being competitive and serious with good times from Francis Bouteille and Nzoza. The latter has been tied, at least for two years for European purposes, by the people of Malaga. A tremendous offensive success that closed the first half with an interesting 55-48 and a 37-24 set in the second set.

The game was entertaining. Without very aggressive defenses, but seriously. Dee Bost provided the offensive flow and Nzosa, the evolution test for a diamond in formation. At 26 'the score was balanced, 65-59, and equal with Lessort, again on the charge (67-64 (min. 27'). Again De Bost tied the game with a triple (77-77 min. 33) and it was a joy to hear the atmosphere in the stands trying to motivate the greens.

When the Monegasques seemed best, the enormous figure of Jaime Fernández emerged, throwing himself behind the team with a formidable triple (82-82). But Lessort continued with his revenge based on rebounds, baskets under hoops and intimidation, embittering, in a special way, Rubén Guerrero. With two consecutive 2 + 1s he opened a dangerous and insurmountable gap with three minutes to go, 82-88.

It was the end of the story. Monaco flew to an already impossible 84-95 for Unicaja who, despite the defeat, left feelings that their game continues to evolve .. Final, 89-98.

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