Real Madrid begins to get impatient with Ramos

The club is not about to keep its offer much longer and wants a final answer from the captain. Without it, the signing of the substitute cannot work.

Contradictory information continues to arrive about the Ramos case, one of the main hot spots that Real Madrid has between now and the end of the season as it is about the renewal of the great captain, vital for the club in the last 17 years. If a few days ago it emerged that the relationship between both parties had improved after two events, Florentino Pérez's COVID and the defender's knee operation, in the last hours there are several sources that point to a hardening of the position of Real Madrid , who is impatient with the situation and is not about to keep his renewal offer on the table much longer.

This renewal offer, which started as two years, has now stayed at one. The white club does not offer more guarantees than that and begins to adopt a harsher vision, trying to get Ramos to move a piece in one way or another. The white club sees how the calendar dates pass and that hurts it in parallel operations that it has to undertake if it finally needs a replacement for height. Without going any further, the favorite is Alaba, who publicly opened the bid for his signing two weeks ago by confirming with light and television cameras that he is leaving Bayern. Signing the Austrian is an economic Kilimanjaro for which Madrid have to equip themselves and immobility hurts the white club in the turbulent seas of the transfer market. The same happens with alternative solutions to Alaba, from Koundé to Pau Torres via Koulibaly, which are not exactly cheap. None of them fall below 50 million euros in an economy, that of Madrid, with a very tight belt due to the pandemic.

End to the unexpected 'truce'

But that casting remains conditional on the departure between Madrid and Ramos. Negotiations have not advanced and the kind of truce or rest that both parties took, due to the coronavirus episode that affected Florentino Pérez and the defender's knee injury, with an operating room in between, is about to end. The top Madrid leader is recovered and the captain, close to his reappearance, which could be next weekend against Elche, will also be able to definitively treat his future as he wants, being active and not from the recovery room .

One of the most interested is Zidane. The Frenchman begins to be really uncomfortable when asked about the renewal of the captain, something that disturbs a sporting situation that is not quite buoyant with two titles in limbo since the beginning of 2021, the pass to the quarterfinals of the Champions still to be finished and a slipstream path in LaLiga. The French coach has been insisting since January and more recently just a week ago that "it has to be resolved as soon as possible." But there is no type of smoke, neither white nor black. And Madrid begins to get impatient.

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