Raúl presents the credentials to succeed Zinedine Zidane

After the triumph in the Youth League last summer, they have Castilla on the brink of the promotion phase to the Second Division. It's the first choice if you don't follow Zizou.


El Castilla de Raúl took the miniderbi against Atlético B (3-1) with a display of talent and maturity; He went out to eat the game and scored after two minutes, then he collected occasions that he could not finish, received 1-1 and went through his worst moments of the game, but he knew how to survive and in the final stretch he unleashed to score two goals in the extension . A victory that puts the Real Madrid affiliate, virtually, in the promotion phase to the Second Division, in addition to revaluing Raúl's figure within the club, despite the fact that he already had plenty of credit.

For some time now, Florentino Pérez has been convinced of the suitability of creating figures like Zidane and Raúl, legendary former players wanting to train, with a good tactical base and with a shadow long enough to cover the egos of the former template, if necessary. The example of Zidane ended up persuading the white president of this option, and this is how the number of former players who have led teams of the white quarry in recent years has been seen: Zidane, Raúl, Guti, Álvaro Benito, Xabi Alonso, Solari. ..

Raúl was one of the last to arrive, but at this point his credit within the club is very high. He took charge of Cadet B first, shortly afterwards he was promoted to Juvenil B after the dismissal of Álvaro Benito (for issuing sports criticisms of the team's game on Cadena SER) and in the summer of 2019 they gave him the keys to Castilla, in a first An irregular season that ended abruptly, but in which his leadership skills and his style as a coach began to be seen.

Last summer he took a giant step by taking charge of Juvenil A, who had to play the final phase of the Youth League; Despite the difficulties of managing a team that had not accumulated minutes in the previous months, his Madrid beat Juventus, Inter, Salzburg and Benfica to lift the title for the first time in white history. In that Juvenile several important pieces of current Castilla participated: Chust, Miguel, Blanco, Arribas, Latasa ...

The first option if Zidane leaves

His 2020-21 season started irregularly, it was difficult for Castilla to catch up cruising speed and he reaped only two victories in the first seven days. But since December, the white subsidiary began to function as a well-oiled machine that concedes very little to the rival and takes advantage of the opportunities to add three by three: they have achieved seven victories, one draw and two defeats in the last ten days, they have scored 29 goals and received only 20 in 17 games, in a category in which his boys, most of them between 19 and 21 years old, compete with experienced footballers who are close to or over thirty.

The level of trust within the club in Raúl is such that in the summer, if it happens that Zidane does not continue (because he decides to relieve him of his position or because he steps aside, as happened in 2018), it is the first option to take over Real Madrid. Obviously, at that time, market opportunities and available coaches would be studied (Allegri, for example, is a name that has been associated with Madrid for a long time and now has no job), but Florentino trusts the experience of giving him the job. team to a former player, especially after the undeniable success of the appointment of Zidane, who with Castilla had much more modest results than Raúl.

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