Ramos, uncertain future

The Madrid captain turns 35 today and he does so without the unknown of where he will play next year. Meanwhile, the negotiation with Alaba progresses.

The words of David Alaba's representative are not, precisely, the best birthday gift for Sergio Ramos, who today turns 35 with an absolutely uncertain future at the club where he has made history for 16 seasons, Real Madrid, where he arrived from Sevilla for a price that, given the seen, can be considered a bargain: 27 million euros. Obviously, in the captain's environment, what happens with Alaba is closely followed, because both, Ramos and Alaba, are communicating vessels. Real Madrid, if all goes well with the renewal of Varane, which also ends his contract, this in 2022, it would only get into the Alaba operation if Ramos leaves. If the captain stays, he will have to let the Austrian defender pass by and rebuild the situation to find a replacement for the camero.

Either way, Ramos is sane for a while. The Madrid captain himself assured this in the recent press conference he gave on the occasion of the launch of the second season of the documentary in which he himself stars. "Despite my age, which is now 35, Santiago Bernabéu said that there are no young or old players; there are good and bad. I can perform three, four or five more years, if my body supports me and the injuries respect me, I can to be at the highest level, I work hard for it and my mentality will always be there ", explained Ramos when analyzing what he would like his legacy to be in the world of football.The future of Ramos is very uncertain, and it is more so as the end of the season approaches. It is clear that if Real Madrid has not taken the final step to understand this symbol of Real Madrid, it is because it intends to seek other solutions. And that of Alaba (28 years old) is ideal, because although it has the cost of the transfer bonus that he will receive and the commission that his agent, Pini Zahavi, will earn, the Austrian's salary will be similar to that of Ramos (around 12 million net) but has seven years older than the racing driver.

The positions of Ramos and Real Madrid for their renewal have not moved an iota from when the negotiation started despite the fact that both one party and the other have sent contradictory messages in the media. Ramos wants to sign two more seasons with the same salary that he now receives without any salary reduction. Madrid, on the contrary, wants to renew him from year to year and with the current salary minus a 10% salary reduction. A decrease that has been agreed individually with some players of the squad due to the impossibility of reaching a global agreement.

Real Madrid begins to have a problem with the salary bill. Now he pays a total of 448 million in salaries (for all club employees). And revenues, due to the pandemic, have fallen to 617 million. The Ramos clan offered a solution, the same one that has been adopted at Barça with Piqué. Collect his salary in installments over several years to allow the club to recover its volume of income when the public begins to enter the stadiums. But the agreement is a long way from being reached.

The same operation on the meniscus to which Ramos had to undergo leaves him in a position of inferiority for the long-awaited renewal, as he loads Florentino with reasons in his desire to renew the position, beyond the meaning that Ramos may have for his companions and for the fans. Hence, the player really wants to finish this season brilliantly.

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