Ramis has promotion numbers

The Tenerife coach arrived on matchday 14 with the team on the ropes. Now, it is going up. Since landing on the island, the team competes with the best.


The Tenerife was sailing in rough waters in the first section of the season. It did not work in attack and the results did not arrive. So much so that the descent loomed and the management made the decision to change course. Luis Miguel Ramis arrived at that turn of the wheel. Time has shown that not only was it a success, but even an earlier move could have placed the team in positions of nobility. To this day, it is more, it is not even ruled out. Of course, there must be full constancy, since the sixth place is protected by Rayo Vallecano with 46 points in his locker, a frankly commendable score.

The statistics speak for themselves. After the conclusion of matchday 13, Tenerife was 17th with only eight goals in favor and a two-point margin for relegation. To date, he occupies a comfortable 10th position with 39 under his belt and the danger zone within ten points. Of course, he's already closer to qualifying for the Playoff, which is seven away. But, what has changed in this Tenerife for such a marked contrast between the two stages?

Ramis has eight wins and two draws after 16 games in charge. In this period, it is the sixth best team in the competition, behind the greats who have already set themselves the goal of playing in the First Division next season. Mallorca is the leader since the new coach arrived at Tenerife with 34 outstanding points. From behind come Almería, Espanyol, Leganés and Sporting. And just after the island set. If he had added one more win, he would only be surpassed by the aforementioned Mallorca. Ramis is in numbers of ascent, when before it was feared by the descent. A revolution in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López.


Despite the obvious improvement in game and results, the coach prefers to remain calm. On January 22, Ramis spoke in the preview of the match against Lugo about the euphoria that had been generated after a good run of results. His work methodology is day-to-day and he did not want excesses that would harm the good dynamics. That's why he was blunt: "I hope we don't think that the last few games have given us super powers to win easily." Anxo Carro showed the demands of the competition and Tenerife fell by two goals to zero.

Another clear message transmitted by the technician is consistency and balance within a changing room. If before the game they weren't superheroes, then they wouldn't be supervillains either. From that defeat, the team overcame with a draw against the always combative Fuenlabrada and two karat wins against two contenders such as Rayo Vallecano and Ponferradina. The trick is not to always win, but to not lower the tension in the face of adversity.

The squad believes in the process

Ramis defined his style as one that gives "great importance to collective order and that the opponent does not hurt, making you difficult to overcome." To do this, he seeks in his staff a total complicity, to form an impregnable block, that believes in his idea and that goes from his hand until the end. Of course, the results are not deceiving. The idea has caught on and players see it as the best way to do great things.In case there was any doubt, Pomares gave an interview to AS in which he reaffirmed the previous hypothesis: the squad is going to death with Ramis. This is how he defined it: "He transmits an idea and when that idea reaches everyone and everyone believes it, it is much easier to take it on the field and give results. There are times when the idea is not taken or that coach does not transmit it. depending on many factors. But in this case, Ramis has hit the mark and hopefully he will continue like this to continue scoring points ".

Despite this, the coach remains on an immovable line: "To this day, we are not candidates for anything." He is right, but the situation has turned upside down. Tenerife, who feared for the descent, already dreams of giving the bell and sneaking among the best. Day by day, match by match, goal by goal, and clean sheet to clean sheet. Now comes Malaga and then the always appetizing Canarian derby. With two wins, the club would practically guarantee continuity in the Second Division, with many games still to be played. Brand Ramis,

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