'Can Ràbia': where Espanyol and Logroñés try to rebel

The white and red are released in Cornellà, which was inaugurated when they were founded. Whether for direct promotion or permanence, victory is non-negotiable.


A Logroñés that was born as a club in 2009, just the summer in which the stadium of an Espanyol was inaugurated that recalls ancient duels with that other Logroñés, the Sports Club, opens in Cornellà. Like the 'biscotto' from 1987-88, which ended with a "kiss each other, kiss each other." Today they are not fighting for permanence in the First Division, nor will there be fans, but that spirit of Sarrià, popularly Can Ràbia, is retaken, simply because it is or at least it should be the game of rage. That of a team forced to go up to First against another that rebels with their luck in this 2021, in which they have not won since January 2 (follow the game live on AS.com).

"We are angry and annoyed because we want to be first", Vicente Moreno affirmed yesterday, aware that the streak of three draws has heated the atmosphere, at least outside the door, and has displaced the parakeets from the leadership to a third place that denies temporarily direct ascent. But, above all, that at times they have transmitted a certain feeling of exhaustion that the Blue and Whites will try to deny today. They will do so with some loss due to annoyances in the initial team, which the coach hinted at but which he hides - just like his calls - until the last moment.The only certainty is that Dídac Vilà will return to the bench, after serving a sanction. And that Pedrosa, Puado and Keidi Bare will play - and Vargas will wait as a substitute - before leaving with their respective teams and before a FIFA Virus is inoculated that will affect Espanyol like no other Second Club, especially after the 'scare' from Almería with Sadiq and Nigeria. That is why these three points seem non-negotiable for parakeets, in case there was still any doubt after having lost all their mattress in recent weeks.

It is urgent for Logroñés to win, so he will need the best versions of Nano Mesa, Leo Ruiz, Paulino or Andy to try that the advantage over the descent is not reduced further, since it is now two points and the fall does not seem to find finish. Because in the last 16 days he has only achieved one win and has eight out of 48 possible points. The coach, Sergio Rodríguez, put his position at the disposal of the club after the defeat against Málaga (0-1), but the owner, Félix Revuelta, ratified him and conveyed his confidence publicly.

Enrique Clemente will cause a loss about three weeks after breaking again last Sunday in Las Gaunas. Neither will Pacheco, Errasti, Gorka and Santamaría, with more physical problems. The red-and-white permanence involves recovering solidity behind and effectiveness above, although at this time the coach and his players make up the worst team in LaLiga SmartBank in 2021, anxious, without resources or ideas, in a dynamic that is too bad ... and very dangerous .

Like again running into Pulido Santana, the referee of the suspicious injury in the failed promotion phase to Second in 2015, when he was struck down and his substitute, Marrero García, pointed out two expulsions from La Rioja and a penalty in favor of the Hurricane in just 20 minutes. The minutes remain incomplete on the Federation page almost six years later. It is clear that the matter of the referees, an equally thorny issue at Espanyol this season, does not satisfy anyone. As only a victory for either squad will do this Saturday.Keys Vulnerability

The parrots are coming from perhaps their worst performance in defense, with a Mirandés who threw him on the door like no rival: nine times.Streaks

After linking six wins, the Rioja have eight of the last 48 possible points. They need regularity.

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