Prigioni, on Campazzo: "Coaches are not stupid"

Pablo Prigioni speaks in the podcast 'Hello, how are you', by Nicolás Laprovittola and Germán Beder about the integration of the point guard in the NBA.


The adventure of Facundo Campazzo (30 years and 1.78 meters) in the NBA takes better color with each passing week. And it has not been easy at all. Denver Nuggets was already a very well oiled team when the Argentine decided to sign. Finalists of the Western Conference with the Jokic-Murray duo setting the pace, the breadth of the roster was one of the points in favor of the franchise. Many legs, many arms, a lot of competitive spirit that led them to grow steadily in the League under the tutelage of Mike Malone.

The minutes for the point guard were going to be difficult for that reason. Apart from the unquestionable Murray, Facu had to fight for minutes, in his role as a 1-2 combo with PJ Rozier, Gary Harris and RJ Hampton. And that was noticed. From playing 25 minutes with Minnesota in early January to just 7 in the middle of the month against Phoenix. From not jumping onto the court against Dallas to more than 30 against Washington.

A seesaw that has now reached its zenith after the close of the market with the exits of Harris and Hampton, and the blind trust that Malone has always maintained in it. The example, the 27 minutes he enjoyed against Atlanta in the second game after Dealline. Opportunity on the table that Campazzo has worked on from day one, with a small adaptation of his game: he has less the ball in his hands, he throws less than in his glorious stage in Madrid. It is not shyness, it is reading and analysis of the environment that Pablo Prigioni explains as follows:

"Coaches see when a player does the right thing"

"Facu arrived more mature, and he is reading what hole he has, especially at this start. It was a complicated squad to enter the rotation, and based on pressing the entire field, making the odd smart play, taking a foul in attack, pressuring a player, hitting an open shot, giving the pass he had to give ... The coaches are not stupid and they see when a player does the right thing in each possession, whether in attack or defense, "he said in the podcast Hello, how are you, from Nicolás Laprovittola and Germán Beder.

The former base of the Argentine national team, Madrid and Baskonia and the NBA (New York Knicks, Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers) continued: “Come when someone plays with the spirit that he plays, with the intensity ... hard not to play. The coach has a lot of pressure, he thinks 'I have to find a way to make this boy play', because everything he does, he does the right thing. Malone constantly highlights it. ”

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