Pride of Gernika, who died on the edge of the eighths

The Biscayns pulled in the race to lift a 17-point disadvantage, but after doing the hardest, they suffered wear and tear in extra time. Good game for Lo and goodbye to Europe.


Gernika's new continental challenge ended in a dramatic way. Luck is not with the Biscayan team, which the coronavirus has greatly reduced its options in the Cup and has embittered one of its great illusions: to go to the quarterfinals of the Eurocup in the Stanfu Gheorghe bubble. There, in Romania, before the host Sepsi SIC, he lived in a Ferris wheel to see everything lost, to have it on the verge of candy and to give in at the end. And that Ivanovic had a triple to win, with a second left to finish. A very forced shot, very complicated. Perhaps a better option could have been sought, but it was the one to launch. She and Buch had had the best afternoon in the triple arc. In the next round, Reyer Venezia was waiting, big words, and a duel of this type would further enhance Lointek's record, but it will be again. Again the curse of the knockout stages, like last year with Valencia, but this time it was very close.

Romanian women are not just anybody. They lead the Transylvanian league without defeats in 18 games, and in the previous one of the Euroleague they stood up to iodine a Spar Girona for three quarters, and in the previous round they beat Cadí La Seu. They knew their best physical set-up and began with an unattainable rhythm for the Gernikarras, who left Colhado at home, the one who has the worst consequences of COVID-19, and traveled Roundtree. That was not normal: 7/9 in basket shots by the Romanians and absolute confusion in the Basque ranks. Gardner enjoyed his infinite class. The difference was growing and if the heavy backpack that Mario López's girls have in terms of little preparation, with a single training session for such an important appointment, it still increased more due to the fact that they were in tow. From outside the desert dragged on until Buch scored the first triple on the seventh attempt.

Gernika fought, but mistakes were condemning them. Like four absurd losses at the beginning of the third quarter, one of them in throw-in and another in midfield. It seems that the more rocks this team has on the road, the better it performs. Because a sprain of Lo's right knee, the best of the game, also left him frozen. It was just a scare. The 40-57 of the third quarter seemed to air the tie. But the forales drew strength from weakness, it is not known very well where from 44-59, with a spectacular reaction starting with 10-0 and ending with 19-2. A 2-3 zone was influenced by Mario López and changed the abrasive rhythm of the Transylvanas. Buch took the reins. They were able to force the extension. Mandache scored a triplazo and Arrojo, great work of the quartermaster, equalized in the last sip. But in the addition came a new tunnel, with four missed free throws between Roundtree and Arrojo. A very controversial foul in attack by Lo was making the outcome impossible. Ivanovic threw the last bet towards the quarters, but missed. There will be more opportunities.

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