Praise finds 'payer'

According to Sport Bild, PSG is already negotiating with the player and for now he is the only one who would agree to his claims, although the defender wants to wait.


David Alaba's future is still up in the air. At the moment, the only thing that is known for sure is that the Austrian defender will not wear Bayern clothing from next season. According to the German newspaper Sport Bild, there is still no favorite to get the services of one of the most coveted players on the market, something that would have to do with the exorbitant salary that the two-time European champion asks for. Of course, always according to Sport Bild, there would only be one club that would be willing to pay it.

It is about PSG, which would have already entered into first conversations with Pini Zahavi, Alaba's agent who is currently probing the offers that come to him to persuade his client. The list of suitors is long: in addition to Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, both Chelsea and City, United and Liverpool would also be watching the future of the defender. However, they would not accept the emoluments requested by the 28-year-old footballer who, for his part, wants to focus on meeting the objectives in his last season at the Allianz Arena.But Alaba is no stranger to the interest of Europe's heavyweights and is aware of the negotiations. "All the greats of the continent are behind David. It is he who has to make the final decision," Zahavi was quoted in Sport Bild. According to the German media, "Alaba has to opt for the money or the club of his dreams." As they add in the article published in its online version, LaLiga and, in particular, Real Madrid are still the destinations that make it more fun.

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