Perico Delgado: "Thanks to everyone's work we will see an almost normal cycling season"

The former Tour champion, who will participate tomorrow in a cycling event in Gran Canaria, says that “seeing you organizing events, that you are pioneers in Spain, is a point of hope for the rest”.

Veteran runner Pedro Delgado, as the golden godfather of the Free Motion Desafío La Titánica, is already in Gran Canaria ready to face tomorrow's tough event, 138 kilometers of demanding route through the southwest of the island, with 3,480 meters of positive elevation gain. and three special stages, with “expectations of having a good time, meeting a challenge and enjoying the weather. I'm going to make my friends very envious. " Delgado collected this Friday the jersey and the number 1 of the 2021 edition of the Free Motion Desafío La Titánica in Gran Canaria together with the Sports Councilor of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria Francisco Castellanos and the Sports Councilor of the Mogán City Council Luis Becerra.

The champion of the Tour in 1988 and twice at the Vuelta España, in 1985 and 1989, Perico Delgado, at 60 years old, will be one of a peloton made up of more than 260 participants who will depart from Anfi del Mar, southwest of Gran Canaria, to complete this stage of more than 130 km that runs through many corners of the island and the well-known Valley of Tears, with an ascent of 11.8 km long and an average slope of 8% and the maximum that is 25 %. Even so, El Perico comments that “my expectations are to come and have a good time, that is, for a cyclist to have a good time is to arrive at the finish line in a cycling challenge with the Desafío La Titanánica and, the only thing is that how we are going In principle in small groups, that will allow me to recover after the slopes and the special stages, because one is used to not stopping until the finish. The format is designed to have fun, meet a challenge and enjoy the weather of Gran Canaria. ”

"Seeing you, who are going to be in Spain, is a point of hope for the rest" Regarding the good news that these types of events can be held, taking into account the current pandemic situation, the veteran cyclist commented that “I also organize La Perico and last year it had to be canceled. This year we want to start and we will see how everything evolves between now and August, which is when we have it. Let's hope that everything is more controlled then, not by me, but by Spanish society and the world and we will recover that normality one more step that is still far away, but that people who love sport miss these types of events, marches cyclists, half marathons, marathons, etc. We need challenges in life, which are what give us a bit of ambition and enthusiasm on a day-to-day basis, hopefully we can get it back soon. Seeing you, who are putting you in Spain, is a point of hope for the rest. I am delighted and happy to be with you. ”

Finally, on the development of the international calendar and possible postponements, he explains that “obviously the pandemic is affecting. Really, the Spanish races at the start of the season have been postponed, although now they already have dates for April, May, etc; The Spanish women have suffered more than the French women, but the great monuments of cycling will remain as they were. When all this started last year, with the issue of the protocols we were all lost and a great effort has been made by the organizers when it comes to maintaining those bubbles and thanks to the success that everyone's work had, the great returns. This has meant that, although COVID-19 continues, the races and an almost normal calendar can be played ”.

The Free Motion Desafío La Titánica will start tomorrow at 08:00 in the morning in the Canary Islands, departing from Anfi del Mar, until returning to the same starting area after four in the afternoon for the head of the race. Runners will have seven hours to complete the stage.

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