Perfumerías Avenida returns to the Final Four 10 years later

The Salamanca team also beat Uni Girona in the second game and will fight for the title they won in Yekaterinburg in 2011. There will be three Spanish coaches in the Final Four.


Ten years after Perfumerías Avenida reigned in Europe, the Salamanca team will play a Final Four again. Those of Roberto Iñiguez started with an 8-point cushion against Spar Uni Girona (66-74 in Wednesday's game), but they did not want to play with that advantage and went out to win. Something that in the end they also achieved (71-65) .

Reisingerova opened the scoreboard (0-2), but Girona never managed to get nine up, the cut to debut in a Euroleague Final Four. The closest Alfred Julbe's were was in the second quarter. In that second round, Avenida was nailed to 23 points and the Catalan team took advantage of it. Partial 0-14 (from 23 + 15 to 23-29) that broke Maite Cazorla, the best of the Azulonas in the first half (7 points). In the Catalan team, Frida Eldebrink did a lot of damage with her medium-distance shot (11), but that +6 was the closest Girona came to achieving its ticket to the Final Four.

After passing through the changing rooms, Avenida dominated the game time. He played calmly and without nerves. Karlie Samuelson tied the game with a triple (39-39) and María Araujo made it 43-45, the last advantage that Alfred Julbe's had throughout the game. Perfumerías, which reached its bubble with two consecutive defeats (against Girona in the semifinals of the Queen's Cup and against Valencia Basket, in the Endesa Women's League), took revenge on the Catalan team and will play the third Final Four of their stories.

Many more has Roberto Iñiguez, an expert in putting his teams among the four best in the Euroleague. The coach, Pablo Laso's deskmate, won the Euroleague with Ros Casares in 2012 (the last appointment, to date, with a Spanish representative), but has been in the Final Four on five other occasions since then: with Fenerbahçe (2013 and 2014), the Russian Nadezhda (2016) and the Sopron Basket (2018 and 2019) .

The one in 2021 will be a Final Four with a marked Spanish accent. Along with Avenida, there will also be the Ekaterinburgo of Miguel Méndez and Alba Torrens (champion in 2018 and 2019), and the Fenerbahçe of two other Spaniards, Víctor Lapeña and the newcomer Laura Nicholls.

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