Pending the evolution of Dani Castellano, who last night slept in a hospital in Tenerife

The veteran yellow winger starred in the Canarian derby scare after suffering a ball that caused dizziness and a nosebleed.

The captain of UD Las Palmas, Dani Castellano, did not return to Gran Canaria with the rest of the yellow expedition. The footballer, who suffered a strong blow to the right hemithorax and had to be removed on a stretcher from the field of play, remained under observation in a hospital in Tenerife, pending imaging and analytical tests, as the club reported on the edge midnight.

The game was launched in the 60th minute after a lateral cross from Moore hit the yellow side, who was visibly affected before ending up lying on the grass. Later, as could be seen on television, Castellano began to get dizzy and bleed from the nose until the medical services of Las Palmas UD, the Red Cross and the help of the blue and white medical corps came in to remove him on a stretcher and transfer him to the hospital.

At the post-match press conference, Pepe Mel did not give much more information about his condition, commenting that “I think he's staying here for the night. I hope you are with us soon. In Tenerife it will be well taken care of ".

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