Pedri's amazing journey

Less than two years ago he was a youth from Las Palmas and today he was called up by the absolute for the first time. Barça has already paid 10 million for him.


The boy who "didn't even know how to say hello", in his own words, is getting older by leaps and bounds and pure soccer talent. Just two years ago, he wore the Las Palmas jersey on the pitches of the Canarian Youth Honor Division, and in a few days he will be wearing that of the senior team for the first time. With her, he will play the first three qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which will play Spain at the end of March against Greece, Georgia and Kosovo.

Pedri's amazing journey began to take shape at the insistence of Ángel López, today Pepe Mel's second coach in Las Palmas, a hammer in his warnings to the Madrid coach about a young man from Tenerife, just a first-year youth, who quickly stood out in the A. With a place for the preseason of the yellow first team in 2019, it took nothing and less for him to definitively stay with his own place in the squad.

“The first day, in the dressing room, I didn't even know how to say hello. Aythami Artiles was the first one who approached me to offer his help. It always helped me a lot ”, said Pedri himself. He aroused passions as soon as he started training, and he was indisputable throughout the season at Unión Deportiva Las Palmas, a presence included in the U17, just a matter of time, very little, the jump to the U21. It happens that all this was supported by his transfer to Barcelona when he had not even played a single minute in the professional category. Five million starting game, the kid stayed on loan in Las Palmas and the bonuses, with a similar talent, could not be more affordable.As if history were going to repeat itself, Barça pondered more than seriously the possibility that Pedri would be loaned out, but his talent insisted on opposing an entity that is still reeling today. Koeman fell in love with him and, according to direct witnesses to the work of the Blaugrana first team, the same thing happened to Messi. Thus, since the beginning of the course he became one of the most important footballers of the Copa del Rey finalist and, for now, a serious contender to win the League.

This amazing journey by Pedri offers today a new stop, that of the senior team, Luis Enrique also surrendered to the charms of the soccer player from Tegueste (Tenerife). The simple fact of being summoned by the Asturian, even if he did not have the opportunity to debut, gives Las Palmas a million euros to be paid by Barcelona, as agreed in the transfer contract. At the moment, after that initial game of around five million, this figure is already stretched to ten. With Barça he currently has 40 games. This account also does not cease.

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