Pedri: "I am proud to represent my country"

The canary happy with Luis Enrique's call and playing with Messi: "It's a joy." Rafa Mir also surrenders to the Argentine: "They play with one more."


Pedri was the Barça player who spoke after the game at Movistar Laliga. He surrendered to Messi and thanked Luis Enrique for the call: "They are down in the table but they squeeze you well. Now we are four behind Atlético. We weren't going to give up the title. I want to focus on Barça now. add three at a time. Playing with Messi is a joy. The goals in the games are already seen by everyone, but I also see it in training. I try to find it. The National Team? I was at home in case there was a surprise and I am proud to represent my country ".

Rafa Mir gave his vision from Huesca: "On the play, the ball went high, I tried to cushion it and went up. The 10 is very decisive. The penalty play? The goalkeeper hit me and it's a penalty; they are like all of them The whites who penalized, the granas, no. We have to keep rowing. What am I going to say about Messi? They play with one more. There are 33 points left at stake. We have to keep working and we can turn it around ".

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