Pasquale Bruno affirms that Cristiano directs the dressing room

"Juve has a shameful team. They defeated a finished Barcelona and the newspapers wrote that they were the team to follow. Come on," he said.


Juventus has been the focus of criticism from Pasquale Bruno. The former Italian player has not cut himself by stating how bad the team is and has blamed Cristiano Ronaldo and the squad for directing the dressing room. "Juventus is a shameful team, ruled by Cristiano Ronaldo," he admitted.

"They have a shameful team. Bonucci and Chiellini look like two phenomena, but they won nine titles in the fourth most important league in the world. They defeated a finished Barcelona and, the next day, the newspapers wrote that they were the team to watch. Come on. "commented.

"The team management is ruining everything. They fired Allegri to sign Sarri, but they also fired him after a season because Ronaldo and his teammates run the show. You get the feeling that the players can have their say, but it's not nice. They are not the ones who should make decisions, "said the former defender, speaking on the Tiki Taka program in Italy.

It is not the first time that we see Pasquale Bruno speaking badly of the Portuguese crack. "Cristiano is ignorant. He has been in Italy for two years and has not yet learned to speak our language. He uses Spanish to express himself. He does not respect his teammates or Italians," the former Juventus defender commented a few months ago.

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