Pablo Laso: "Entering the playoff is in our power"

After the defeat against CSKA, the Real Madrid coach highlighted the first half, "very weak", as key and spoke of his European options.


Pablo Laso, Real Madrid coach, did not hesitate to say that the first half of his team had been "very weak" and regarding the playoff he also said that the classification is in his "hand" .

"Our first half was very weak, lacking energy offensively and defensively. They were right and they opened the scoring for us. In the second half we were able to fight, to change defenses, but with the feeling of always going for behind, "Laso said. "We had lost a lot of ground, but good things are, we have to turn the page and think about the next game," he added.

The Real Madrid coach continued talking about the game. "The game was not a question of disconnection, I would talk about our mistakes and their successes. They have put them and that's it but I'm not staying at that. I have the head that we have lost this game and the next. playoff is in our hands, but it is complicated as it has been from day one, "he commented.

"When you win everything is fine and when you lose it seems that you have to change everything. We have won that the classification depends on us. The fight is going to be very difficult and the team is making a great effort to achieve the goal," he concluded Pablo Laso.

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