Operation Cristiano: Madrid must save a great wall

The Portuguese earns 31 million euros net in Juve, ten more than in Madrid when he left. The club already pays 448 million in salaries.

The information that speaks of the possibility that Cristiano will wear the Madrid shirt again have spread like wildfire throughout the world without neither player nor white entity having denied it. That Cristiano likes the idea is a reality. And that Madrid could use it well, because it would buy time until income was reestablished after the pandemic to then face higher caliber operations such as Haaland or Mbappé, too. But the Portuguese salary is the great wall that must be saved.

Sources familiar with the situation of Cristiano at Juventus point to AS that, currently, the player is earning 31 million euros net. And that, on the balance sheet of the Turinese entity, his salary is assuming a burden of 86 million euros (before taxes). Too much money for the drop in income for Juventus. According to official data on its balance sheets, it has lost 113.7 million in the first six months of this season due to the crisis. Having fallen in the eighth of the Champions League, the hit will be even greater when the course ends. And last season, 2019-20, he lost 90 million more ... This is the reason why, as it happens to Real Madrid with Bale, it is very possible that Juve will agree to let the Portuguese go free, even if he has a contract year until 2022, simply to save the 86 million euros that his token costs him. It is estimated that Cristiano takes a fifth of the total wage bill of the workforce.

When he left Madrid, Cristiano earned 21 million net (ten less than now). But the situation in the white entity is now very different from what it was when the Portuguese left 100 million in cash to go to Juve. In the first place, the club has to support a loan for the reform of the stadium of 570 million euros. Secondly, the pandemic has left income at 617 million when before the coronavirus they were close to 800 and, finally, because the wage bill has soared with the latest additions (especially Hazard's).

Currently, Madrid pays 448 million euros in salaries to the almost 800 workers it has on its staff. With an income of 617 million, salaries exceed 70% of income, which is the limit recommended by the ECA. Bale has one more year left on his contract. Perhaps the key to Cristiano's return was in the departure of the Welshman, which is highly unlikely. On the other hand, Cristiano himself would have to make an effort and lower his salary, because Madrid could not pay him, in any case, the net 31 million (would be 50 for Madrid) that he now charges at Juve. Cristiano's salary is the biggest wall that has to be jumped so that his return is consumed. Even more so if Haaland is also a priority.

Photos from as.com
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